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------------------- RISKS --------------------

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Does Lupron put you in "Menopause"? See "Chart 1" (on page 2) showing how the hormonal profile of a woman on lupron DOES NOT match the hormonal profile of a woman in menopause.


See also "AERS" (Adverse Event Reporting System) page










Lupron/leuprolide is considered experimental as 'treatment' for Alzheimer's Disease, i.e., per Aetna. Phase III clinical trials halted due to "funding contraints". (How can it be claimed that older women with mild to moderate Alzheimer's Disease, when given lupron, "showed an improvement in cognition, memory, and ability to perform ADL's (activities of daily living)", when young women given lupron report and suffer from long-lasting memory difficulties, impaired cognition, and difficulty in performing previously typical ADLs? Imo, this is mighty perplexin'.)

August 2015: Transient psychosis in women on leuprolide - gynecologists should "carefully monitor"

February 2015: "unexpectedly high incidence of granuloma formation" from leuprorelin/leuprolide injection

June 2015: Myocardial infarction in a pre-menopausal woman on leuprolide - "leuprolide could have been the culprit for her heart attack ..."

June 2010: Myocardial infarction in a pre-menopausal woman on leuprorelin (leuprolide) for fibroids

July 1994: Angina and myocardial infarction with the use of leuprolide for fibroids

February 2010: Large-scale studies showed that, in men, leuprolide is known to cause angina, heart attacks, sudden death, ischemic heart disease, and cardiovascular disorders, but studies of women and children have not taken place.

01-20-15: What are 'The Connections' between (Brittany) Maynard, egg donations, Lupron & gliobastomas ? (by Jennifer Lahl, RN)

01-16-15: Chandler Marrs, PhD ( "[I]t doesn't take a genius to figure out that if we kill off one or more hormones completely, as Lupron does with estradiol, there are going to be negative effects globally, and they are likely to be pretty serious." (paper delineates adverse effects upon mitochondria from Lupron [and other GnRHa/relins, and ovary removal]). See also 1-19-15 comment by Lynne Millican, detailing disturbing information on Lupron's mechanism(s) of action.

"Homicide" reported as "Adverse event to lupron" ... See "AERS" page for further details.

Search FDA Adverse Event Reporting System - Quarterly Reports

Australia Database of Adverse Event Notifications

Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Oline Database

Search OpenVigil AERS database

Material Safety Data Sheet - Abbott/ TAP's leuprolide = "Hazardous per OSHA criteria"

In addition to lupron itself being "hazardous", some of the added ingredients in lupron are also designated as "hazardous" ... **See acetic acid and benzyl alcohol. And do a google search for risks of injecting Polysorbate 80 (Tween 80).

Leuprolide may act directly via tissue GnRHR's to modulate brain function. Molecular mechanisms ... may be more complex than originally thought.

August 2013: Extrapyramidal symptoms induced by leuprolide

"Buserelin is suspected of causing cancer" - link no longer available: Search OpenVigil for "Buserelin" and "cancer" ("breast cancer"). Also search OpenVigil for "Lupron" and "cancer" (and see "breast", "ovarian", "colon", "gastric", "thyroid", "bile duct", "lip and/or oral cavity", "rectal", and "skin" cancers, and "lymph node" and "prostate" cancer metasteses.


NOTE --- FDA Alert 10-20-2010: Label Change for GnRH agonist (i.e., Lupron, leuprolide, etc) for men ... "Increased Risk of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease". ... including thrombosis and arrhythmias. Cardiovascular side effects have included ECG changes (19%), ischemia (19%), peripheral edema (12%), hypertension, hypotension, murmur, phlebitis, venous and arterial thromboembolism, deep vein thrombosis, stroke, sudden cardiac death, arrhythmias, angina, pulmonary edema, pulmonary embolism, and myocardial infarction.

Other GnRH agonists ("relins") for which the above FDA Alert pertains to are: Nafarelin (Synarel), Buserelin (Cinnafact, Suprefact, Metrelef), Goserelin (Zoladex), Triptorelin (Trelstar, Decapeptyl, Gonapeptyl), and Histrelin (Vantas, Supprelin LA).  (These "relins"/GnRHa's are administered via subcutaneous or intramuscular injection or implant, with the exception of Nafarelin/Synarel, which is a nasal spray.


NOTE: 'See' the "disclosable, redacted" Takeda study on GnRHa's and depression/suicide


Canadian Developmental Hazard: leuprolide, histrelin, nafarelin, goserelin

US Scorecard: Leuprolide and Goserelin are recognized Reproductive & Developmental Toxicants.

FDA 2010 - Vantas (histrelin) brochure misleading and risk info omitted


June 2014: Leuprolide-induced generalized papular eruption - a unique case of a disseminated papular rash

July 2013: Under treatment for breast cancer, a young woman given leuprolide developed supraventricular tachyarrhythmias (SVT's) along with migratory trunk and extremity urticaria

July 2013: Lupron safety label changes ("convulsions", "hepato-biliary disorder" added). June 2009: Safety label change for Lupron 3.75 & 11.25 mg: Convulsions added). Note: "convulsions" seen in patients with no history of seizures.

May 2013: Spontaneous reports of seizures in association with Lupron, goserelin (Zoladex implant) and Nafarelin (Synarel nasal spray) - note Medline MeSH heading "Seizures / *chemically induced". Read Report (Letter to Editor) here.

04-19-12: 41 year old woman - "Lupron-induced dementia"

January 2007: Chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction DUE TO buserelin-induced formation of anti-GnRH antibodies. 'Figures' from article here.

08-24-11: Case Report - Leuprolide-induced inflammatory myopathy, severe rhabdomyolysis, and renal failure in a prostate cancer patient.

October 2002: Leuprolide-induced myopathy. Note MedLine MeshHeadings of "Leuprolide/*Adverse Effects" and "Muscular diseases/*Chemically induced".

LiveStrong: Lupron Long-term Side Effects

January 2011: FDA Safety labeling changes for leuprolide - "diabetes, hypergylcemia, cardiovascular diseases"

June 2011: Revised Lupron 3.75 mg label

12-31-10: "Manic & psychotic symptoms following subcutaneous leuprolide in a male patient with no prior psychiatric history" - Note MeSH headings of "leuprolide/*adverse effects", "aggression/*drug effects", "paranoid behavior/*chemically induced", "bipolar disorder/*chemically induced".

12-27-10: Cataracts added to list of lupron, ADT risks - read abstract of study

11-10-10: Long-term GnRHa's (lupron, leuprolide) for prostate cancer is associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer

11-07-10: "Dangers of Leuprolide" (FDA adds warning label to prostate cancel label).

05-17-10: First case of "Serum Sickness" (hypersensitivity vasculitis) reported associated with lupron (in a prostate CA patient)

2007: Leuprolide associated with ischemic stroke in young woman w/endo

December 2000: Transient thyrotoxicosis and hypothyroidism after leuprolide

Read Lupron's (endo) manipulated data for bone density loss (page 7 - 'Package Insert/PDR') and see Photo of bone loss after 6 months of GnRHa (page 6)

WHAT KIND of bone scan have you had? ... "Dual-photon absorptiometry unable to detect any appreciable bone loss with GnRHa's ...Quantitated computerized tomography always shows significant trabecular bone loss of vertebrae and hip with GnRHa's"

BEWARE of risks of "Bisphosphonates" - bone loss drugs - prescribed to treat lupron-induced osteoporosis: ... See Task Force reports of evaluations of risks to bone loss drugs here, and here . Update 10-13-10: -- FDA changes label for bisphosphonate drugs

Information about bone loss drugs, by Dr. Susan E. Brown, Ph.D. See also 'benefits and risks' of bone loss drugs here.

BEWARE of risks of SSRI antidepressants prescribed to 'treat' lupron/GnRHa-induced depression/suicidal ideation

Leuprolide-induced mania with psychotic symptoms (and aggressive, threatening, paranoid, assaultive) in male patient with no psychiatric history

Leuprolide & Depression/Mania ... ("leuprolide - case series" mentioned but not detailed)

Depressive symptoms associated with leuprolide

Lupron Depot = osteomyelitis

Lupron = osteonecrosis

Leuprolide acetate = osteonecrosis

Lupron/leuprolide = muscle destruction/damage

June 2009 FDA Safety Label Change for Lupron Depot 3.75 mg & Lupron Depot 11.25 mg: Convulsion

Hormone Therapy May Increase Ovarian Cancer Risk : 7-14-09

Among Cancer Outpatients, Leuprolide Med Errors Common

Millican's USA Draft Document

Lupron SUQS: Serious Unanswered QuestionS

Leuprolide & Liver Disease

Leuprolide & Granuloma Formation

"The vacuoles in the [leuprolide] granuloma are actually the [leuprolide] microcapsules"

Granuloma = foreign body reaction to leuprorelin's polymer

Leuprolide & Thromboembolic Events & Retinal Vein Occlusion

Pseudotumor Cerebri As A Side Effect

Case report: Fibromyalgia developed after leuprolide

Possible Occular effects associated with leuprolide

Another outrageous off-label use ... Lupron for acne!!

2007: Note the "deleterious effects on cognition of leuprolide"

2002 leuprolide study: Joint disorder, joint pain = 76.7% ... depression = 35.5%

1997: 2 cases of leuprolide treated leiomyomas with STRIKING VASCULAR CHANGES, and histologic features of vasculitis and atherosclerosis. These CHANGES MAY CAUSE ISCHEMIC DAMAGE if they occur in other organs

January 1992 study: Leuprolide affects intestinal motility in female rats before and after ovariectomy - "Lupron has a poor overall rating"











1. IVF

2. Autism

3. Precocious Puberty

4. Gender Identity Disorder






BABIES ... 1. ** IVF -





11-19-14: "Most embryos that are generated through IVF are not chromosomally normal"

11-16-14: Safety concerns raised over 3-parent IVF

10-22-14: Mass. study: "IVF babies have slightly higher rate of birth defects"

09-06-14: "At long last, a follow-up study of 'cytoplasmic transfer'"

09-06-14: British House of Commons - "the modified and unmodified humanity" (mitochondrial transfer)

08-28-14: 3-parent IVF "a dangerous threshold into DNA modification", and without follow-up

08-25-14: US (finally) to assess health of GM (genetically modified ) offspring conceived more than 18 years ago.

08-16-14: Blog - IVF and Identity Theft

August 2014: HELP - egg donor offspring desperately wishes to learn birth parents identidy

08-15-14: (messages): "Post-partum after failed IVF?"

08-15-14: Police shut down IVF clinic in Thailand

08-06-14: 'And Jesus said "Suffer the little carbon legacies to come onto me" ..."

07-28-14: UK "dishonest" about GM (genetically modified) babies

April-June 2014: Journal - Sacrococcygeal teratorma in an IVF pregnancy ... larger studies are required to elucidate effect of ART on congenital tumors.

05-05-14: "Odds of healthy IVF baby are hard to gauge"

05-03-14: Another fertility clinic / sperm mix-up

04-10-14: "Why gestational surrogacy is wrong"

04-01-14: Inconvienent Truths about Commercial Surrogacy

March 2014: Neonatology Today; Position Statement ... "a call for greater transparency ..."

03-06-14: IVF culture medium associated with child's weight

02-27-14: UK to allow 3-parent IVF babies

02-13-14: UK: IVF baby born with rare form of Cerebral Palsy (no association to IVF/drugs mentioned)

02-03-14: UK - IVF Clinic Blunder left daughter infertile

02-02-14: UK - Several instances of IVF clinics destroying embryos in error

1-31-14: UK couple after 5 IVF cycles has triplets - one baby has leukemia (no mention of causality).

1-31-14: Australian couple sues geneticist, fertility clinic, doctor after IVF baby born with cystic fibrosis.

1-29-14: Danish study: Couples 3 times more likely to divorce after failed IVF.

1-28-14: BMJ - "Emerging risks of IVF" --- " ... a profit generating industry that values the money ... over long term considerations about the health of the mothers and children."

1-13-14: Utah fertility clinic - convicted felon employee substitutes own sperm

01-08-14: Major Australian study: Single IVF babies nearly twice as likely to be premature, stillborn, or die within 1st 28 days

1-1-14: Woman conceived in IVF Mourns the Loss of Her Sibling Emryos Who Died

11-13-13: Barcode tagging of human eggs and embryos

10-30-13: "ART, Birth Defects, and Epigenetics"

September 2013: Fertility & Sterility study: Decreased transparency in ART reporting

08-29-13: Greece data - "IVF, C-section asthma link strengthened"

07-21-13: Girl's rare condition sparks IVF debate

07-02-13: ICSI raises autism, mental retardation risk

July 2013: "Largest meta-analysis indicate association between fertility treatment and cancer in offspring"

06-19-13: Study: Surrogate children "have more adjustment problems"

04-08-13: British fertility expert: "Eugenics threat growing in IVF industry"

02-12-13: "IVF could be to blame for a rise in birth defects over past 25 years"

02-06-13: European Study - "... It is clear that more research needs to be done to determine the contribution of ART to the risk of coongenital anomalies in multiple births" - "birth defects from multiple births has almost doubled since the 1980's"

01-25-13: IVF children at higher risk for asthma

01-03-13: UK - "Vital IVF Cancer-Link Study" pending

01-03-13: UK - IVF Parents' Fear cancer, abnormal sperm, DNA changes in children

01-03-13: UK - embryos "thrown away in 'industrial' numbers"

Analysis of Australian/New Zealand IVF births showed "IVF was associated with a higher than normal rate of spina bifida & transposition of the great arteries"

12-17-12: Risk of developing complications higher in IVF twins

12-05-12: UK study - 'Risk of developing asthma, wheezing doubles among children conceived after fertility treatment'

11-23-12: Surrogate IVF children: "higher levels of adjustment difficulties at age 7"

10-22-12: CA Study ... 25% increased rate of birth defects in IVF babies

2012: SART - "Some neurological problems have been observed in the children born from pregnancies conceived while the mother was on GnRH agonists (inadvertent exposure)

10-04-12: IVF birth defects may be decreasing

10-01-12: "[R]esearchers found a 26% increase in risk of birth defects among ART babies", and the pooling of results from many studies found a relative increase in risk of ART birth defects of 30% - 40%.

10-01-12: First large population based study in US to look at neurodevelopmental effects of ART and its drugs. See NY screening program

09-26-12: Three-Parent IVF - Debate in Britain

09-24-12: Danish sperm donor (to 10 countries inside & outside Europe) passes genetic disorder to five children

09-15-12: German study conclusion: "There is a strong increased risk for anorectal malformations among children born after ART

07-31-12: Childhood leukemia and Fertility Rx

07-17-12: Genetically modified babies - "unpredictable outcomes"

07-16-12: Fertility drugs may result in shorter kids

07-15-12: UK: IVF babies aborted due to Downs, foetal abnormalities, Edward's syndrome

07-07-12: Genetic screening of unborn babies 'may be inaccurate'

June 2012: "IVF seems associated with increased risk of early onset acute lymphoblastic leukemia"

05-14-12: UK: Women & babies 'put at risk by aggressive IVF'

05-13-12: "OHSS now one of the biggest causes of maternal mortality in England & Wales"

Medical malpractice lawfirms blog about "increased risk of birth defects" from fertility treatment . See also here and here.

05-14-12: In choosing a Sperm Donor - a Roll of the Genetic Dice

05-06-12: ICSI = higher risk of birth defects (9.9%) compared with IVF (7.2%) and natural conception (5.8%)

04-24-12: Study: "IVF drugs linked to childhood cancer." French researchers "believe there is an association between the use of ovarian stimulation drugs and 2 types of childhood leukemia."

04-20-12: Time to think of health risks to IVF babies, bioethicist says

04-06-12: PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis): "long-term health of offspring is unproved"

04-04-12: Early heart disease risk with assisted conception, IVF - "ART induces generalised vascular dysfunction in ... young, apparently healthy [IVF] children. This study raises the question whether "the drugs used to stimulate ovulation may have adverse effects on the outcome of offspring." In another article on this study, it is mentioned that "[o]ther research has recently also found elevated blood pressure and blood sugar levels in IVF offspring."

04-03-12: Study - "Children conceived by IVF &/or ICSI are at significantly increased risk for birth defects." - finding a 37% higher risk of a birth defect across a range of body systems. In this study, the question is also raised whether "the IVF techniques themselves, the jostling and handling of the embryos, or the drugs that go along with the fertility treatment" are involved.

03-30-12: UK - IVF baby born with Down's, other health problems

02-09-12: Life Legal Defense Foundation Educates SJC about IVF Dangers

01-19-12: IVF babies & subclinical hypothyroidism

10-15-11: Book -- "One Parent or Five" - "Are children commodities we commission ...?"

10-09-11: Sperm donors father huge 'families' in US, Canada

10-07-11: Single IVF births have increased risk of preterm birth & low birth weight

09-26-11: Geneticist: "IVF babies up to 10 times more likely to suffer rare genetic disorders"

09-22-11: Canada: "What the IVF industry is doing is creating a population of sick babies ... that is impacting all society"

08-24-11: LA Fertility Clinic sued - "embros implanted into a DIFFERENT woman"

08-13-11: Britain: "soaring numbers of mistakes at fertility clinics"

08-10-11: Two-to-one fetal reductions

08-01-11: India - IVF "blue baby" survives, needs more surgery

07-03-11: IVF in older women - "a lot of the chromosomal abnormalities are not those that are conventionally age-related. It raises the concern that some of the abnormalities might be treatment-related."

06-03-11: Study - "Childhood Outcomes of ART"

05-12-11: "Multiple-embryo IVF is too risky to allow it to continue unrestricted"

04-06-11: Twin Risks - "increased maternal hospitalizations, increased care for premature babies, and increased rates of lifelong disabilities"

02-10-11: UK - In an article promoting a new technique, it is admitted that "many of the embryos produced in a typical IVF cycle have the wrong # of chromosomes or significant chunks of DNA missing or duplicated ... (&) looking at embryos under a microscope ... cannot distinguish embryos with lethal chromosome problems from those that are healthy."

02-09-11: Denmark/Sweden - In a study of offspring of paternal cancer patients, those conceived by "ART had a 20% increased risk for major congenital abnormalities compared with children conceived naturally".

01-07-11: UK - Alobar holoprosencephaly (major part of brain not yet formed) in one IVF twin - dies at 8 months. (story makes no mention of potential causality to IVF)

12-21-10: BMJ editorial re: Single Embryo transfer - "Doctors managing infertile couples are no longer entitled to take risks with the health of the next generation."

12-3-10: Belgian court approves "wrongful life"

10-18-10: High rate of genetic abnormalities in IVF embryos - 2 out of every 3 IVF embryos fail to develop

10-16-10: IVF can make children taller

08-11-10: Opinion Piece Considers Ethics of Passing on Defective Genes Through IVF, ICSI

07-22-10: 100's of British IVF embryos donated 'without consent'

07-20-10: IVF Babies May Be More Prone To Childhood Cancers

07-08-10: IVF Raises Risk of Cerebral Palsy

06-14-10: France - ART Doubles Risk of Deformity

06-14-10: Croatia: One of oldest IVF mom of twins loses 1-month old newborn

06-13-10: "Doctors should warn of IVF defect risks"

06-13-10: ART birth defects = "a public health issue"

06-09-10: Canada: "serious medical problems and steep costs associated with twins & triplets"

06-08-10: Sex selection = Booming Business

05-25-10: Ovulation inducing drugs (oral and injection) = twice the risk of autism

05-20-10: Fertility treatments linked to autism risk

05-04-10: (UK) Story relating IVF twins' health problems (no connection identified with IVF/drugs)

04-30-10: Couple writes book about embryo mix-up

04-27-10: Congenital malformations and ART

04-27-10: UK story - IVF Twins needed 23 blood transfusions in 1st year

04-1-10: Orthodox blog - "4 reasons you might be aborted. An open letter to fetal humans"

04-13-10: UK - No connection discussed re: IVF toddler & death from leukemia

03-30-10: On the matter of Gendercide

03-28-10: Study - Blastocyst-stage embryo transfers = higher risk of preterm birth and congenital malformations among singletons

03-18-10: Study - IVF/ICSI = 53% greater risk of preterm, & doubling in odds of very premature birth

03-16-10: Study: Triplet births rising & death rates high

03-13-10: "Alert: In Vitro Culture Medium Shown to Influence Birthweight of Singleton Newborns"

03-12-10: IVF Babies Risk for ADHD = 11 Times Higher

01-19-10: Increased risk of congenital heart disease in ART kids

02-01-10: Skewed X inactivation & IVF-conceived infants

02-28-10: Patient's Doctor blogspot: Misusing technology in an IVF clinic - high tech mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus

02-23-10: IVF children might be at risk of infertility themselves, scientists say

02-17-10: IVF babies 'at risk for complications'

02-17-10: Study: 27.1% of IVF babies had ADHD

02-26-10: "Do fertility treatments raise autism risk?"

02-25-10: Non-identical IVF twins have increased risk of neonatal complications

02-23-10, Scientific American: Test Tube Trouble - "IVF may alter gene expression implicated in chronic metabolic disorders"

02-23-10, UK - "Infertility Time Bomb: IVF children have higher risk of infertility, obesity, diabetes"

02-22-10: "IVF babies may raise risk of diabetes, hypertension, cancer"

02-21-10: Celine Dion "bruised and numb" from IVF

02-17-10: IVF babies more likely to have AHDH, depression, binge drinking

10-14-09: Risks of PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) not being adequately disclosed

03-23-09: UK warns IVF = 30% Higher Risk of Genetic Abnormalities

2009: Study: Congenital malformations in Swedish infants after IVF

11-18-08: IVF Singletons - Increased Risk for Birth Defects (cleft lip, GI & septal heart defects)

07-27-07: More health risks found in IVF babies - Scientist Suggests IVF Children Should Be Monitored Into Adulthood

IVF Babies more prone to stillbirth

IVF, ICSI = Fourfold increase in risk of stillbirths

"Significant increased risk of birth defects associated with assisted human reproduction"

"Picture emerging of genetic risks of IVF"

Findings Suggest Some Birth Defects Occur More Often Among ART-conceived infants

"ART Strongly Associated With Numerous Adverse Outcomes in Massachusetts."

3 IVF Siblings of CA. Octuplets Have Disabilities

2008 Case Report: 2 month old IVF baby with congenital mesoblastic nephroma

Use of Lupron/leuprolide During Pregnancy Has Resulted In Fetal and Newborn Death

"ICSI" overused, can transmit genetic defects

IVF Clinic online ads for PGD = minimization of risks

02-10-09: 3 of Octomom's other IVF kids have disabilities

05-09-02: FDA puts stop to 'Ooplasm transfer' ("3-parent children") - briefing identifies protocol is "experiemental", with a "paucity of data supporting safety/efficacy", "little oversight", and which "changes genetic makeup" ... Future ooplasm transfers require IND, and FDA recommends follow-up of children and their progeny.

02-08-02: Brain worry over IVF kids - higher than normal chance of cerebral palsy

2001: Report on Cytoplasmic transfer notes (as a "note" at end of report) that one of the children was diagnosed with a "pervasive developmental disorder" at 18 months old.

2006: Constriction band syndrome occurring in setting of IVF & advanced maternal age

2006: Institute of Medicine Report on prematurity: $51,600 cost per premature infant

Mention is made in this article of the fact that Premature infants < 1200 grams (2 pounds, 10 ounces) = Disabled = Medicaid eligible for SSI

2007: Clinic to weed out embryos with a squint

1997: ICSI = Twice as likely to have major birth defect, 50% more likely to have minor defect






CHILDREN: #2 ... ** Autism -





07-04-13: "... it's a lot better than Lupron"

03-05-13: Lupron use in autism = "dangerous prescription", "controversial", "Junk science"

11-02-12: Dr. Mark Geier loses license in Missour, Illinois (11 states total to date)

10-12-12: Mark Geier's license permanently revoked - protocol was "baseless" and "supported only by junk science"

10-04-12: lupron's use in 'treating' Autism - "dangerous, abusive, and exploitive". "There's been no evidence that [lupron] has worked on anybody. This is not somethng that you would want to try without very careful controls and real good evidence."

08-22-12: Dr. Mark Geier's license suspended in Florida

05-31-12: ? Lupron/Autism patent

05-19-11: Maryland physician board charges Geiers

05-04-11: Autism doctor's license suspended

RationalWiki: "Lupron Therapy - discredited treatment ... irresponsible and dangerous"

08-03-10: "Lupron carries a risk of bone damage, stunted growth and heart trouble and can render children impotent ... we cannot be using these children as guinea pigs ... we have very significant concerns about irreversible damage to sexual function and the brain and sex organs of these children."

05-25-10: Ovulation inducting drugs (oral and injection) = twice the risk of autism

05-21-10: Autistic children 3 to 4 times more likely to be IVF kids

05-20-10: Fertility treatments linked to autism risk

04-26-10: Series on Dubious Autism Treatment [Lupron] Wins Journalism Award

Autism & Lupron = Playing with Fire by Kathleen Seidel

'Evolution of the Lupron Protocol' by Kathleen Seidel (Index to many articles)

ScienceBlog: Why not just castrate them (Part 2): The mainstream media finally notices the Geiers' Lupron Protocol.

"Toxic Treatments for Autistic Children"

Abbott says 'no scientific evidence to justify further lupron/autism research'

The high financial cost of Lupron 'therapy'

"Miracle drug" lupron for autism' = "junk science, horror, irresponsible"

05-21-09: Chicago Tribune - 'Serious Flaws in Lupron/Autism Research'

Psychology Today Blog / Jean Mercer PhD: Why would a reputable physician use this powerful drug for a non-approved purpose?

The Autism/Lupron Protocol: "a misunderstanding of the science"

05-25-09: Lupron 'science' = "Science so bad it doesn't even qualify as junk science"

Do the Geiers hate autistic children?

"Stretch[ing] the truth" - Geier's Lupron/Autism "treatment"

A Dubious Diagnois (autism/lupron)

Further Comment on the Geiers' Lupron Work

Pathophilia: TAP's Patent Application to give Lupron to Autistic Children

Lupron "franchises" for autism?

BlipTV: Loopy Lupron - a Horrible Mistake or Something Worse?

Crock O' Crap Alert ... 04-21-08: Lawyer states "The drug lupron has been used for many years to lower testosterone and has an excellent safety record according to the Geiers'"






KIDS: #3 ... ** Precocious Puberty -





May 2015: Leg pain, trouble walking, muscle fibrosis (and potential future deformities) from Lupron injection.

January 2015: Leuprolide/GnRHa's may have adverse effect on bone health

September 2014: Korean study - "Significant adverse reactions" to leuprolide and triptorelin when used for the treatment of central precocious puberty and early onset puberty.

June 2014: In a long-term study using leuprolide 11.25 mgs, 29% of children had treatment-related adverse events

July 2013: Conclusion - evidence suggests leuprolide-induced slipped capital femoral epiphysis . (See description of slipped capital femoral epiphysis).

December 2012: Read the health problems of former lupron user ("Dep" at " 12/15/12") and the concerns of mother ("Jeanette" at "12/7/12") in the 'Reader Comment' section here

04-01-12: NY Times - "Puberty Before 10: A New 'Normal'" ... Leuprolide "bad idea"

11-22-11: 5 year old, on Lupron - "but even with [Lupron], she still deals with extremely high estrogen levels, ovarian cysts, cramping, pain, & heavy bleeding"

08-16-11: Lupron 3-month formulation (2 strengths) approved for PP ("convulsions have been observed")

May 2011: Sterile abcesses formation associated with leuprorelin/leuprolide

September 2010: Sterile abcess formation in a child on leuprolide

04-01-09: Consensus statement on the use of GnRHa's in children with Central Precocious Puberty

Millican's '05 Public Comment to FDA re: risks of leuprolide's use as 'tool' on healthy children

Susan Hayward's '05 Public Comment to FDA against testing of GnRHa's in puberty disorders

Melissa Harry's '05 Public Comment to FDA against testing of GnRHa's in puberty disorders

Additional 2005 Public Comments posted on FDA website re: leuprolide's use in children

FDA's 11-15-05 Pediatric Advisory Committee, Pediatric Ethics Subcommittee's Mtg - Summary of Submitted Panel Comments (see p. 141)

45% of girls in Precocious Puberty study using leuprolide had "decreased bone accretion"






TEENS/pre-Teen -- #4: .... *** Gender Dysphoria / Transgender / 'Pausing'





09-05-14: Doctor identifies that "puberty-suppressing treatment impairs the children’s reproductive capacity. “Some trans boys ... never produce mature ovarian follicles that could be stimulated for harvest and cryopreservation of eggs,” ... the problem is accentuated with trans girls because their spermatozoa are still developing."

07-30-14: "LGBT Health" - Interview ... "GnRH analogs ... some adolescents don't develop the ability to produce viable gametes (eggs and sperm)."

April 2014: "Long-term follow-up studies are needed to determine the safety of the treatments ..."

07-20-13: GenderTrender on risks of lupron

10-17-11: Controversial therapy for pre-teen transgender raises questions

07-11-07: Lupron Depot to "pause the child within". Psychiatrist calls Lupron treatment "a modern form of child abuse".

Lupron is touted as "saving kids the anguish of ... everything from depression ... to suicide" - YET lupron has been reported to have caused everything from depression to suicide! (See 'General Risks' above, & 'AERS' page)














1. IVF

2. Egg Donor

3. Endometriosis

4. Fibroids

5. Surrogacy

6. Egg Freezing

7. Stem Cells / Cloning

8. Breast cancer






FEMALE: #1 ... ** IVF -





The early IVF research was "a nightmare of medical abuse" - Read the story of the harmful effects of the taking of one women's ovaries for the pioneer IVF research of Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe. See BioEdge's "Does the development of IVF have a murky past?" , reporting this one ovary 'volunteer', "when she complained of continuing pain, [the doctor] told her that she was a "coward" and not "stoical enough". Another gynaecologist told her that Steptoe should have been sued for removing her ovaries." This woman, Sandra Crashley, is "now almost permanently confined to a wheelchair."

*Bear* in mind that the 1st IVF baby, Louise Brown, was conceived WITHOUT *any* fertility drugs - yet her health is held up as a standard for success of IVF (which now universally utilizes fertility 'drugs' such as Lupron).

The history of 'ART' (i.e., IVF, GIFT, ICSI, etc.) in the US is full of criminal escapades, abuses, fraudsters, egg/embryo thieves, etc. - See here for multiple pertinent excerpts from my various testimonies and documents citing these nefarious activities and reproductive atrocities. (And consider that forced sterilizations in the US continued into the 1970's).

"Handbook of Genetic Counseling / Lupron Exposure"

10-12-15: American Surrogate Mom Dies

10-05-15: More fertility clinic lab "mix-ups" of sperm / egg (Norway)

10-05-15: "We are in urgent need of an ethical framework that can deal with these lab mix-ups. ... we need to switch from a mistaken ethics to an ethics of dealing with mistakes."

08-21-15: Norweigian fertility clinic 'mix-up' causes 'wrong' biological father, & one clinic theory for mistake is the woman was unfaithful (imperfect English translation of story)

08-18-15: Study: Successful IVF moms found 5 times more likely to develop depression than unsuccessful IVF women

07-09-15: 'Souls on Ice'

01-20-15: What are 'The Connections' between (Brittany) Maynard, egg donations, Lupron & gliobastomas ? (by Jennifer Lahl, RN)

01-16-15: Chandler Marrs, PhD ( "[I]t doesn't take a genius to figure out that if we kill off one or more hormones completely, as Lupron does with estradiol, there are going to be negative effects globally, and they are likely to be pretty serious." (paper delineates adverse effects upon mitochondria from Lupron, other relins, or oopherectomy [ovary removal]). See also 1-19-15 comment by Lynne Millican, detailing disturbing information on Lupron's mechanism(s) of action.

01-15-15: A 36 y.o. Arizona woman dies hours after delivering IVF quads

11-13-14: Life after IVF treatment

10-05-14: IVF complications on rise in Western Australia, mostly from OHSS - 29 cases of "serious morbidity" last year.

08-21-14: Study - Hyperovulation before IVF linked to higher obstetric complication risk

07-14-14: UK HFEA report -- More than 1,600 fertility clinic mistakes in 3 years

05-13-14: Tel Aviv woman in serious condition a few minutes after IVF

11-23-12: Surrogate IVF children: "higher levels of adjustment difficulties at age 7"

10-28-13: India - 23 year old woman dies during IVF / anesthesia

10-26-13: " ... [F]ertility treatment may change the way certain genes function ..."

09-21-13: "Grave concerns about safety of new IVF procedure" ... "Research suggests problems being overlooked"

09-19-13: Mother of quintuplets disabled by fibromyalgia (no association to fertility treatment/drugs made)

09-13-13: "Big Fertility's Dark Side"

09-11-13: NYT's OpEd - "Selling the Fantasy of Fertility"

09-06-13: IVF couple regrets conceiving twins

08-30-13: Posthumously conceived children & legalities

07-09-13: Multiple IVF births may increase risk of breast cancer

07-06-13: Experts: "Explore risks before IVF"

07-04-13: Study - IVF success rates can be misleading

07-02-13: ICSI raises autism, mental retardation risk

06-10-13: Decreasing transparency in US ART reporting - excluded ART cycles increasing

06-26-13: IVF triplet mom dies 8 days after birth - UK Inquest: "multiple pregnancies inevitably increase the strain on someone"

04-14-13: "I wish IVF had never been invented"

03-28-13: Florida Egg Donor Suffers Stroke, Sues Fertility Doctor and Egg Donor Agency

March 2013: ASRM opinion = embryos can be destroyed

(2007): "Myocardian infarction (heart attack) can complicate ovarian stimulation protocols ..."

02-04-13: ART "success rates" 'deceptive'

02-01-12: IVF not permissible under Sharia law - "not permissible for one to undergo something in which a person's life and health is endangered"

01-30-13: Study: Women receiving IVF should continue to be monitored for gyn, breast cancers

01-22-13: Meta-analysis: "Birth defects remain more common in ART infants"

01-15-13: Study: Artery blockage and Blood clots during pregancy more likely after IVF

10-22-12: IVF linked to increased risk of birth defects

08-04-12: Startling admissions in IVF journal

07-16-12: "High doses of hormones faulted in fertility care" Thousands of women have reported adverse reactions to Lupron.

05-24-12: Study - Young women having IVF treatment at 'higher risk of breast cancer'

05-14-12: England & Wales: "IVF clinics accused of putting money before safety" - confidential inquiry, confidential clause

05-14-12: UK IVF - Women & babies 'put at risk by aggressive IVF' - OHSS now one of the biggest causes of maternal mortality in England & Wales ... almost 30,000 cases of OHSS

05-14-12: "effect of toxic drugs [used in IVF, which includes lupron/GnRHa's] ... cause[s] abnormalities in embryos as well as damages the health of mother."

05-14-12: The demand "for the use of strong drugs [for IVF] often comes primarily from lobbies representing infertile couples."

04-09-12: 1,000 siblings through one sperm donor

02-09-12: Life Legal Defense Foundation Educates SJC about IVF Dangers

11-08-11: IVF may lead to increased risk of ovarian cancer

10-27-11: Dutch Study: Fertility treatment raises tumor risk - Women given fertility 'drugs' "have an increased risk of developing borderline ovarian tumors." Study is from data from the OMEGA study, involving 19,146 subfertile women treated with IVF and 6,006 subfertile women not treated with IVF, from 12 IVF clinics in the Netherlands between 1980 - 1995: "For ovarian malignancies overall and for borderline ovarian cancer, there was a 2- and 4-fold higher risk, respectively, in the IVF treatment group compared with the subfertile group not treated with IVF."

10-17-11: Celebrity undergoes several unsuccessful IVFs, and announces has breast cancer (no causality to IVF drugs mentioned or considered)

09-28-11: Study - Donor Eggs may raise pregnancy complication risks

08-14-11: IVF mistakes treble in Britain - calls for more transparency in fertility industry

07-03-11: IVF in older women - "a lot of the chromosomal abnormalities are not those that are conventionally age-related. It raises the concern that some of the abnormalities might be treatment-related."

06-02-11: Octomom doc loses license

05-16-11: Brazilian fertility expert suspected of creating large numbers of IVF children not genetically related to (deceived) parents

04-28-11:Annie Spangler's death from postpartum depression after IVF & "massive hormone treatment" resulted in UCSD creating a clinic: Dr. states "higher risk of post partum depression mood and anxiety disorders in [fertility treated] women".

03-24-11: Brain-wasting prions found in urine-based fertility hormone

02-10-11: India movs towards regulation of assisted reproduction

02-07-11: Women at Risk of Pre-Eclampsia After Using Donated Eggs

01-31-11: BMJ editorial - IVF may be associated with higher rate of maternal deaths than previously reported

01-28-11: Maternal IVF deaths rare but relevant ... #'s may be underestimated

11-24-10: Singapore IVF mix-up = "human error"

11-23-10: IVF with donor eggs = increased gestational hypertension, preeclampsia, & premature delivery

11-18-10: Fertility doc, about the implaintation of 12 embryos in Octomom: "I can't fault [octomom's fertility doc's] judgement, to be honest"

10-31-10: "Depot Leuprolide Acetate Does Not Benefit IVF Patients with Endometriosis"

10-24-10: British blog - "I regret my IVF"

10-23-10: UK: "IVF Destroyed My Family"

10-18-10: Two out of every Three IVF embryos fail to develop

09-14-10: Fertility Experts Caution Against IVF Tourism

07-27-10: Story about (IVF) pregnant woman who developed breast cancer (no causal connection between cancer & IVF is identified or mentioned)

07-27-10: IVF moms face 3 times higher death risk

06-28-10: Heavy women's miscarriage risks higher after IVF

06-15-10: "World's oldest IVF mom lies dying"

06-15-10: doc of dying oldest IVF mom was "co-conspirator in medical experiment"

05-29-10: Folly of Designing Babies to Order

05-18-10: Australian scientists predict reliance on IVF conception rather than sex

2008 Case Report: Maternal death after oocyte donation/IVF in older woman

05-02-10: Australia fears costs & complications (like in U.S.) from implanting multiple embryos

04-27-10: Wales IVF clinic sued for losing 2 embryos . Other 'blunders' also noted

04-26-10: Severe case of OHSS with Pulmonary Thromboembolism (Contains review of OHSS)

04-25-10: UK - Bluders at IVF Clinics have 'almost doubled in past 12 months'

04-24-10: UK - Watchdog Under Fire as Number of IVF Blunders Soar

04-21-10: FDA Imposes Sanctions: Genetics & IVF Institute IRB ordered to stop enrollment in ongoing device studies

04-21-10: UK - Cheap fertility drugs = risks of multiple births

04-10-10: Less than 2.2% of women over 43 years old find success with IVF

03-31-10: Note in this UK story about post-IVF aggressive breast cancer that there is NO mention of causal connection

03-14-10: "... No long-term studies on women who've taken Lupron" ... "Where are the investigative journalists?"

03-13-10: UK clampdown on # of embryos implanted due to "growing fears about their health & cost to NHS"

03-04-10: Be aware of costs and risks of IVF

03-03-10: Dr says ART/ IVF "implies a high cost of human lives"

02-24-10: Increased risk of preterm, low-birth weight after IVF/ICSI

02-23-10: "IVF & stillbirth - a prospective follow-up study"

1-17-10: Fertility Forum - 'leg, then entire side of body NUMB after lupron'

Blog: 29 year old has stroke days after starting Lupron for IVF (see 09-05-09 entry. See also "Lupron caused my wife's stroke" (09-08-09 entry)

UK: Damages awarded for stroke during IVF (2005):

02-26-10: UK - "IVF made me suicidal too"

09-25-09: Embryo mix-ups stun parents in Ohio, Louisiana

07-09: Internal Jugular Venous Thrombosis after IVF

02-28-09: Picture Emerging on Genetic Risks of IVF

12-12-06: UK - tracking women who take lupron is "surely essential"

Massive ascites & hydrothorax after leuprolide during ART

OHSS, minimal ascites with leuprolide use in ART (1994)

'IVF and Cancer', by Dr. Jennifer Schneider

01-14-03: Transcript of presentation from mother of Jacqueline Rushton who died as a direct result of IVF: See "Download Appendix C"

World's Oldest IVF Mom Dies of Breast Cancer - Toddler Twins Orphaned. Tumor Developed Shortly After IVF Births

Cancer Risks after Exposure to Treatments for Ovulation Induction - Journal of Epidemiology 02-01-09

Professor Links Adverse Health Outcomes to ART in Massachusetts

Risks: Infertility and Assisted Reproduction by Dr. Suzanne Parisian

Population-based Study of Maternal & Perinatal Outcomes Associated with ART in Massachusetts

IVF: Becoming Common & Costly to Healthcare($1 billion in 2005 dollars)

Selective Reductions - The Truth About Multiple Births

Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) During IVF with leuprolide

Myocardial Infarction during ovarian stimulation with leuprolide

Pituitary apoplexy after leuprolide injection for ovum donation

Conclusion that microflare leuprolide is superior to antagonist in poor responders "invalidated"

Leuprolide's Effects on Pregnancy

Gena Corea's Testimony for Millican's '97 Medical Malpractice Tribunal

Harm & Death from Hyperstimulation of Ovaries

04-07: Higher incidence of maternal & perinatal morbidity associated with IVF pregnancies

UK IVF embryo mix-up disaster

Millican's 03-27-03 written Congressional Testimony on risks of lupron & ART

Millican's 03-27-03 oral Congressional Testimony on risks of lupron & ART

Millican's 04-02 Testimony for Senate HELP Committee Briefing on risks of lupron & superovulation/cloning

Millican's 09-01 comment to Senate HELP Committee on risks of lupron & embryonic stem cell research

Millican's '96 Read for OBOS's 'Reproductive Technologies Chapter' update

08-04-96 Boston Globe: RESOLVE receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from fertility drug manufacturers (including money from TAP)

History of superovulating women, stealing eggs and embryos from trusting women, and selling them to unsuspecting women

02-22-10: Multiple IVF pregancies = big risk to mom and child

Expanding the use of IVF (a "happy form of medicine") to the Fertile for gender and trait selection, and disease detection

09-08: Cancer Risk After Exposure to Treatments for Ovulation Induction

2007: "Clomiphene and possibly progesterone may increase thyroid cancer risks"

10-02: IVF-Induced Alterations in Coagulation & Fibrinoloysis

10-02: Risks associated with ICSI, embryo freezing, & PGE

1998 paper by deMelo-Martin: IVF & Risks to Women's Health






FEMALE: #2 ... ** Egg Donor -





01-20-15: What are 'The Connections' between (Brittany) Maynard, egg donations, Lupron & gliobastomas ? (by Jennifer Lahl, RN)

01-16-15: Chandler Marrs, PhD ( "[I]t doesn't take a genius to figure out that if we kill off one or more hormones completely, as Lupron does with estradiol, there are going to be negative effects globally, and they are likely to be pretty serious." (paper delineates adverse effects upon mitochondria from Lupron, other relins, or oopherectomy [ovary removal]). See also 1-19-15 comment by Lynne Millican, detailing disturbing information on Lupron's mechanism(s) of action.

August 2014: CBC Factsheet - "What's wrong with Third Party Reproduction?"

05-02-14: Paid for Her Silence: The Exploitation of Kylee Gilman, by Jennifer Lahl

03-28-13: Florida Egg Donor Suffers Stroke, Sues Fertility Doctor and Egg Donor Agency

03-21-13: Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt - Ivy league couple seeks donor with highest scores

12-06-12: World's best egg donor succumbs to liver cancer.

08-10-12: Many egg donor recruiters ignore ethical standards

07-13-12: Worldwide eggsploitation

07-12-12: India - 17 year old egg donor dead

05-14-12: UK IVF - "OHSS now one of the biggest causes of maternal mortality in England & Wales"

05-08-12: Pro-life & Feminist agree on Egg Donation: Do Not Do It!

05-01-12: 'Panelists discuss egg donor risks'

10-26-11: UK - Fears of "intensive [egg] farming" at fertility clinics

10-23-11: UK "Human Egg Farms" - women superovulated to produce up to 85 eggs at one time.

07-22-11: "Where are my eggs?"

03-30-11: Egg Donor Interview - Linda* in Los Angeles

03-15-11: Interview with Jennifer Lahl re: risks of egg donation

02-10-11: India moves towards regulation of assisted reproduction

01-25-11: True Cost of Egg Donation - A Pretence of Altruism Cloaks the Mercenary & Exploitative Reality

01-09-11: Women at risk donating eggs

11-25-10: IVF pregnancies with donor eggs might be more at risk for developing preeclampsia

11-14-10: Donated eggs for embryonic research: The risk to women is too great

08-30-10: Women stimulated for 'just in case' scenario! ... Clinic says: "Sometimes we will lose the eggs if we can't find a customer, but it's a trade-off ... This way, we can guarantee a steady supply." (Note: a "trade-off" for WHOM?)

07-27-10: Donor eggs linked to high blood pressure & placenta complications

07-08-10: The Eggsploited: When 2 Markets Collide (film review)

05-10-10: Payments to Egg Donors Prompts Scrutiny

04-28-10: Experience of an Anonymous Egg Donor ... Stage 4 Cervical Cancer & Infertility

04-27-10: re: Egg Brokers - Read the Fine Print

04-22-10: The Resistance: Sex, Lies, & Greed by Jennifer Lahl

03-24-10: Ads Soliciting Egg Donors Violate Guidelines

03-17-10: Donor Bill would help prevent exploitation

03-14-10: " ... No long-term studies on women who've taken Lupron." ... "Where are the investigative journalists?"

03-12-10: ? Kansas to be 1st state to mandate record keeping of IVF/egg harvesting

03-03-10: Bioethics Expert Suggests Women Reconsider Plan to Donate Eggs to Clinics

03-02-10: Lawmakers want more warnings for egg donors

02-25-10: Bringing meaning to egg donor's death - seeking research on egg donations by Dr. Jennifer Schneider

10-13-09: Calif. law mandates warning labels: donating eggs may be hazardous to your health.

Diary of a Nameless, Faceless Egg Donor: "I was pretty sure I was going to die"

Pituitary apoplexy after leuprolide injection for ovum donation

Woman X: my story as an egg donor

"It's Time for an Egg-Donor Registry and Long-Term Follow-Up" - 11/07 Testimony by Dr. Jennifer Schneider

Harvard's ESCR Team Will Not Use Lupron For Its Egg Donors

Egg donor now suffers with cancer (in 'Comment' below article)

Shortage of eggs for research, yet growing # of research applications to use eggs

Calla Papademas' Story on Vimeo

7-14-08 Google TechTalk: Ethics of egg donation by Jennifer Lahl

OBOS '05: Time to weigh the risks

OBOS '02: Concerns about Lupron

02-19-10: Egg donors should be told of possible stem cell use

2007: Estimating risk of OHSS






FEMALE: #3 ... ** Endometriosis -





01-16-15: Chandler Marrs, PhD ( "[I]t doesn't take a genius to figure out that if we kill off one or more hormones completely, as Lupron does with estradiol, there are going to be negative effects globally, and they are likely to be pretty serious." (paper delineates adverse effects upon mitochondria from Lupron [and other GnRHa/relins, and ovary removal]). See also 1-19-15 comment by Lynne Millican, detailing disturbing information on Lupron's mechanism(s) of action.

05-02-14: Hidden Clinical Trial Data about Lupron

National Women's Health Network 11/12-08 Cover Story - Lupron: What Does It Do To Women's Health?

Important Safety Information on lupron depot

05-02-12: Rise in Endo Publicity may cause misdiagnosis of adhesions & lead to unnecessary lupron treatment

04-26-12: Teen Endometriosis ... The "diagnosis of endometriosis cannot be made by determining the response to empiric therapy (such as Lupron), but rather by seeing the lesions and getting histological confirmation of the diagnosis".

11-03-11: Teenager, "a different person ... unable to remember things or focus" on lupron, finds relief thru CO2 laser excision surgery

02-15-11: Oral contraceptives cost $7000 less than leuprolide, and are equally as effective as leuprolide

02-07-11: Fertility & Sterility: Continuous Oral Contraceptives appear equally effective as leuprolide in treatment of endo-associated pelvic pain

10-31-10: "Depot Leuprolide Acetate Does Not Benefit IVF Patients with Endometriosis"

08-08-06: What your doctor doesn't tell you about Lupron Depot

Clinical trials review '00: Evidence for efficacy of leuprolide acetate is weaker than other treatments

Endo MD: "Lupron Doesn't Work"

ERC (Endometriosis Research Center) 2003 Survey: "48.19% indicated Lupron was INTOLERABLE and NOT HELPFUL AT SYMPTOM RELIEF"

ERC 2003 survey: "Use of [Lupron] Prior To An Endometriosis Diagnosis" is "inherently flawed"

ERC 2003 survey: "23.33% Suffered Lasting Effects For UP TO 5 OR MORE YEARS after Lupron"

Leuprolide & Stroke in young women

Conclusion: "Bone loss not fully recovered up to 6 years after 'treatment' - HRT had no effect"

Endometriosis Association has history of receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from GnRHa manufacturers (i.e. TAP)

HRT nearly doubles risk of lung CA






FEMALE: #4 ... ** Fibroids -





Massive ascites after leuprolide for fibroids (1992)

1997: 2 cases leuprolide treated leiomyomas with STRIKING VASCULAR CHANGES and histologic features of vasculitis and atherosclerosis. These CHANGES MAY CAUSE ISCHEMIC DAMAGE if they occur in other organs.






FEMALE: #5 ... ** Surrogacy -





DVD - "Breeders: A Subclass of Women?"; see trailer , by Jennifer Lahl

10-12-15: American Surrogate Mom Dies

10-24-14: A Case of Surrogacy's Gordian Knot, by Wesley J. Smith ... "Oh what a tangled web we weave when deploying surrogacy technologies to conceive."

08-20-14: ABC News: "Conception Controversy - Regretting Surrogacy"

August 2014: CBC Factsheet - "What's wrong with Third Party Reproduction?

05-30-14: 'Surrogacy between close friends: "Think Twice"'

05-22-14: An Exclusive Interview with a Surrogate Mother

05-20-14: Interview with Jennifer Lahl on 'Breeders: A Subclass of Women?"

05-03-14: Mayo pediatrician "attacks surrogacy"

04-10-14: "Why gestastional surrogacy is wrong"

04-01-14: After 12 days of lupron, developed large thyroid cyst - see post by "bc" on 4-1-14

04-01-14: "Inconvienent Truths about Commercial Surrogacy"

06-20-13 DC Surrogacy Testimony by Jennifer Lahl

06-19-13: Study: Surrogate children "have more adjustment problems"

09-04-13: Surrogacy law-making in the States

07-18-13: Thriving unregulated surrogacy in India ... Report

04-22-13: "Intracranial hypertension in a patient preparing for gestational surrogacy with leuprolide acetate and estrogen"

03-06-13: Surrogate refuses to abort baby with multiple serious birth defects

11-23-12: Surrogate children: "higher levels of adjustment difficulties at age 7"

10-26-12: Are Women Easy Bake Ovens? (bizarre Texas case)

05-31-12: Surrogacy becoming a troubling issue in India

05-18-12: India - "His surrogate mother dead, baby boy 'all right'"

05-17-12: India: Surrogate mother dies of complications

10-25-11: 'Baby trafficking' scandal just the tip of IVF/surrogacy iceberg

08-13-11: Scam targeted surrogates as well as couples

08-11-11: Lawyer selling babies for up to $150,000 each ... Millions in costs born by taxpayers

08-10-11: "Baby-Selling Ring ... The scheme was designed to create an inventory of unborn children [to sell]."

04-11-11: Hague Conference to work on Surrogacy issues

04-05-11: India - "In case of death of surrogate mother, Max New York Life will pay R2lakh to the family of the surrogate ... so far there haven't been any claims"

02-15-11: UK - Failed surrogacy agreement

02-10-11: India moves towards regulation of assited reproduction & surrogacy

06-05-10: "India's Rent-a-Womb Industry Faces New Restrictions"

02-25-10: UK - "I gave birth to my friend's baby & it nearly cost me my life"






FEMALE: #6 ... ** Egg Freezing -





10-17-14: Egg freezing - Lack of data on safety and efficacy

08-07-14: UK expert ... "Women are spending vast amounts of money on [egg freezing] but the success rates simply aren't there. In fact, less than 10% of women end up pregnant."

06-2014: Egg Freezing - Beating Biology and Buying Time ... But at What Cost? by Jennifer Lahl

06-26-10: " ... There are not enough scientific studies to prove that children conceived from egg freezing will not have problems. ..."






FEMALE: #7 ... ** Cloning, Stem Cells -





06-20-01: Congressional Hearings on Stem Cells & Cloning

11-14-10: " ... the risks to women is too great" (Lupron)

11-17-10: Risks of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Clinical Trials for Spinal Chord Injury






FEMALE: #8 ... **** Breast Cancer





July 2013: Under treatment for breast cancer, a young woman given leuprolide developed supraventricular tachyarrhythmias (SVT's) along with migratory trunk and extremity urticaria






MALES - Prostate Cancer






(ADT = Androgen Deprivation Therapy includes Lupron/leuprolide)


April 2014: Report - 50% of patients with pituitary tumor who were given leuprolide developed apoplexy and had to undergo transsphenoidal resection. Conclusions - "Presence of a pituitary tumor is not a contraindication for leuprolide therapy"

09-30-12: Lupron's "side effects are legion: erectile dysfunction, loss of energy and libido, urinary problems, and others ..."

06-04-12: Studies have shown treatment with leuprolide before surgery had limited benefits for men with localized high-risk prostate CA

04-11-12: Bone Mineral Density Loss Occurs Early in ADT with leuprolide & flutamide

10-07-11: PSA Testing "does more harm than good"

09-26-11: Lupron "reduced senator's cognitive abilities & made him 'fuzzy'"

08-23-11: Oncologist (prescribing new prostate cancer vaccine) states: "The problem with drugs like Lupron is that the cancer eventually learns how to adapt and defeat the hormonal therapy."

01-07: Leuprolide + Radiation = Shortened Penile Length

Chronic Lupron & Osteoporosis

11-22-10: "Case Study of Lupron on Gentlemen" - "The intestinal problems are almost obligatory when it comes to lupron for prostate cancer .... take some anti-importance drugs" ... (an off-beat ' piece' due to the semantics and mistranslations - Scroll down)

08-15-10: Male side effects of Lupron

05-17-10: First case of "Serum Sickness" (hypersensitivity vasculitis) associated with lupron use reported

05-03-10: FDA Conducting Safety Review of lupron/GnRHa's

07-09-08: Survival Following Primary Androgen Deprivation Therapy Among Men with Localized Prostate Cancer

Periodontal disease in 80.5% of men on ADT (3.7% of men not on ADT)

Lupron on list of drugs that may cause impotence

2/1/10 Experts issue warning: "All hormone therapies [ie Lupron, leuprolide, etc] for prostate CA can have increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, death" Expert's advisory appears in 2-16-10 issue of Circulation

09-24-09: Lupron = "very large increased risk of developing various major heart problems"

Muscle loss a "common" side effect to lupron/leuprolide

Early studies showed lupron caused fibrosis & damage in testes

2008: New finding "may be final nail in [Lupron's] coffin"

Cancer 2009: Review of major adverse events of ADT

Warnings re: cardiovascular and metabolic effects

09-04-09: Leuprolide linked with 96% higher risk of death among those with heart problems

09-22-09: Lupron = 34% increased risk of heart failure, 30% increased risk of ischemic disease

"Fractures ~ 50% more likely in men treated with ADT"

If Amy Doseretz' study had been submitted to FDA, "Lupron would never have been granted approval for prostate CA" (20% increase in mortality - see "FDA Approval would be denied")

08-25-09: Leuprolide - "Dangerous", Heightened Risk of Death" in some men

09-04-09: Dr: 'More Cautions with leuprolide treatment'

Metabolic complications with ADT

08-23-08: 20% greater risk of dying with leuprolide + radiation versus radiation alone

Cancer 2008: Review of cognitive effects of ADT

Lupron "rarely helps" Prostate Cancer

Lupron for Prostate CA = "more harm than good"

Androgen deprivation (leuprolide) is associated with increased rate of bone loss

NEJM: ADT increases risk of fracture

Prostate CA, leuprolide & cognitive effects

Men on lupron = osteoporosis

Male breast CA during treatment with leuprolide for prostate CA

PSA Test: "fairly small benefit, pretty big risks"

PSA Test: "More harm than good"

03-03-10: PSA screening not recommended for most men

2002: Quality of life 'stinks' with ADT

Humorous spin on Lupron-induced MEN-opause

blog: Tumor GREW on Lupron (scroll down)

CancerCompass Message Board: "Lupron puts a thick sticky membrane on the outside of the prostate making nerve sparing impossible" (see 11-26-05 entry)

10 reported cases of pituitary apoplexy after leuprolide injection in prostate cancer 'treatment'

03-05-10: Empower patients: "Let's say a physician treats an 80 year old man with Lupron rather than surgery and radiation. Testosterone levels will decline and the patient is more likely to surffer a heart attack or fall and break his hip ... which he'll probably die from."

03-14-10: Lupron can cause gynocomastia

2005: Insulin resistance as an adverse effects of leuprolide and bicalutamide treatment

1991: Leuprolide-induced polymyositis / inflammatory myopathy

1990: Sudden death due to disease flare



To the left, you will find information on 'GENERAL RISKS' to lupron/leuprolide and GnRHa's; and at left below (scrollll down) are risks specific to "BABIES/CHILDREN/TEENS" (IVF, Autism, Precocious Puberty, Gender Dysphoria), "FEMALES" (IVF, Egg Donor, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Surrogacy, Egg Freezing, Cloning and Stem Cells, and Breast Cancer) and "MALES" (prostate cancer).

[And my apologies - there has been a long-term system glitch preventing the creation of separate pages for each category, so for now you'll have to continue to scrollllll down at Left to access Risks to 'Babies/Children/Teens', 'Females', and 'Males'. Resolution of this 'glitch', and a more reader-friendly format, is pending.]

In addition to risk information re: lupron/GnRHa's, information about the general risks of IVF will also be posted on this page within 'Babies/Children' and 'Women'. While most articles about IVF fail to identify the drugs prescribed for ovulation induction, as of 1990, 97% of IVF/ART cycles in the U.S. utilized GnRHa's, with lupron being the most commonly prescribed GnRHa.

As of February 11, 2009, the total tally of reported adverse events to lupron/leuprolide since November 1, 1997, according to the FDA, is as follows: 22,667 reported adverse events, with 651 reported deaths from lupron/leuprolide, involving 5,069 individual safety reports. In an online data sample, a graph shows an 'uptick' in numbers of death for the years 2008 - 2010. In 2010, it was reported that the FDA had rec'd more than 1,100 reports of deaths. FDA AERS, for the period of November 1997 through August 2012 report 1,526 Deaths. NOTE: NO DATA, including number of deaths, is ever provided for the period of April 1985 through October 1997.

It should be noted that "[i]n an article in the Journal of American Medical Association, then FDA Commissioner David A. Kessler revealed that 'only about 1% of serious adverse events are reported to the FDA." (Moore, Thomas J. Prescription for Disaster: The Hidden Dangers in Your Medicine Cabinet. New York. Simon & Schuster, 1998). Therefore about 99% of serious adverse events are NOT reported to the FDA.

For additional lupron risk information, please see the NLVN factsheets, 'AERS' (FDA's 'Adverse Event Reporting System' Reports), and 'Deaths' page.

If you are thinking of taking lupron/GnRHa's for any reason, please read 'LupronSUQS' (Lupron - Serious Unanswered QuestionS). Please also read my review (within 'USA[ttorney] Draft Document') of the FDA's initial approval for lupron in men and women to understand the serious problems inherent with these initial lupron clinical trials.

All GnRHa's have an adverse event profile - i.e., see the following reports from 'EudraVigilance' (the central database of reports of suspected adverse reactions for all medicinal products authorized in the European Economic Area): Triptorelin, Goserelin, Buserelin, Histrelin, Nafarelin, Leuprorelin. ('EudraVigilance' was set up in 2001, and the data provided here is only for reports through November 2012). See also searchable databases: OpenVigil, Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database and Australia Database of Adverse Event Notifications.


Please NOTE: On 03-27-12, I rec'd communication from a physician who is a lupron victim (not the first physician-lupron-victim to contact me), and she has agreed to my reprinting relevant excerpts of her letter publicly here fyi (though she wishes anonymity at this time). Here are her comments:

"Physician falls victim to Lupron" - "Lynne- I am a 41 year old board certified family practitioner who has dealt with debilitating chronic illness since I was 20 yrs old. You know how the rest of this email will read - took Lupron - got sick and now my life is in ruin. The saddest part is until 1 wk ago when I came across your website I thought all my odd medical problems were all just coincidence!! Thats the horror of what has happened to me - is that I had NEVER put together the common thread of LUPRON! I thought Lupron was helping the FIVE times I have used it! ESPECIALLY because I am a physician. Yes I can get sick just like everyone else BUT you think I'd have put the pieces of the puzzle together BUT I trusted what was printed in Lupron's inserts and studies! Mistake I'll be paying for the rest of my life! ... I had developed Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia (heart rate stayed 120-150 24hrs/day 7 days/wk!) ... Autonomic Dysautonomia ... THREE 12-13 hour cardiac ablations ... pacemaker ... on strong pain rx for pain management for life. In 2002 I was total and permanently disabled ... SEVERE sleep apnea: Obstructive and Central sleep apnea (again no good reason why my BRAIN is not giving signal to breathe??) ... I continued to be in the hospital with bowel obstructions, severe pain limiting every move I made ... nausea and vomiting, pain have gotten worse and I've now found out that I have GASTRIC PARESIS. ... From what I have read, it sounds like so MANY corners were cut by FDA getting Lupron approved ... but what a TRAGEDY that those cut corners have caused such huge damage and destruction in young women who had such bright futures - just like me! ... I barely have energy to get out of bed most days ... I would give anything just to have some quality of life again. ... Something has to be done."




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