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NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: Late neurodevelopmental abnormalities of children who were accidentally exposed to a GnRHa for just 4 to 14 days after conception

NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: Does Lupron Put You Into Menopause?

NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: Does Lupron Put You Into Menopause?

NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: Autoimmune Disorders & An Effect on the Immune System

NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: An Effect on Bone / Bone Marrow

NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: Cardiac Disorders & Sudden Death

NLVN Factsheet -Lupron: Endometriosis

NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: Mechanisms of Action & Probes

NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: Memory Loss and Cognitive Dysfunction

NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: An Effect On The Nervous System

NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: Never Approved for Infertility ('97 version)

NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: Never Approved for Infertility Treatment ('98 version)

NLVN Factsheet - 1999 FDA Review of Lupron (for further details of '99 FDA review, see Boston Herald's 8-22-99 article)

NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: Fibroids

NLVN Factsheet - Lupron: Precocious Puberty

NLVN 1997 Court Witness Statement

NLVN 1994 Female Lupron Victim Survey/Questionnaire


      This page contains factsheets which were developed years ago by the National Lupron Victims Network (NLVN), founded by two dentist sisters, Linda and Rita Abend. While Linda, Rita and I discussed the disturbing information within these factsheets unceasingly for years, and I provided some information for these factsheets and performed some draft factsheet review/critiques - these factsheets are the sole work-product of Linda and Rita Abend.

The NLVN was founded by Linda and Rita in 1993, after Rita became seriously ill following lupron use. The factsheets they produced represent their years of research into the risks of lupron. From 1994 through 2000, I worked very closely with Linda and Rita: we exchanged research materials, ideas and strategies, and worked collaboratively on numerous projects toward the goal of exposing lupron. I considered Linda and Rita to be my closest allies in exposing the evils of lupron and we also became good friends.

By 2000, the Abends had nearly finished writing a book on the topic, and they had collected more than 10,000 'lupron victim surveys' of men, women, and children who had complained of post-lupron health problems to the NLVN, and who wished to participate in their survey. These 10,000+ individulas (from both within and outside the US) who participated in the NLVN questionnaire did so with trust and expectations - I was among the 10,000+ who participated in this 'survey/questionnaire' in 1994, and who anxiously awaited the pending survey's conclusion and subsequent dissemination of results by the NLVN. Fyi, I've included a copy of the female version NLVN questionnaire I filled out in 1994: and note Linda Abend's opening statement in her survey/questionnaire --- "We will coordinate the data and share important findings and information with you."

Then, suddenly, by August 2000, Linda stopped calling and did not return phone calls or emails. Within approximately one year Linda and Rita and the NLVN just disappeared. Fax and phone were disconnected. Emails never answered. The NLVN private message group was silenced. Snail mail returned marked address "unknown".

In 2003, the NLVN website was taken off-line permanently. In 2004, a journalist succeeded in reaching Linda Abend, and Linda reportedly screamed "How did you find me?! I don't do that anymore!", and refused to answer any questions.

What tran$formation happened to my 'good friend' Linda Abend? Why did she disappear? What happened to the 10,000+ 'lupron victim surveys'? And WHY doesn't she "do" the NLVN anymore?

Has anyone EVER heard of any Victims Network, representing more than 10,000 harmed consumers, simply 'up and disappear' like the NLVN did? UNPRECEDENTED! And worthy of investigation.

The NLVN factsheets at left were formerly posted on the NLVN's website, initially at, and then at After the NLVN website went 'down', these factsheets could be found as publicly available archives in until recently. Here is a link for the NLVN website as it appeared in 2001, where additional Factsheets and more information can be found. To the best of my knowledge, no new information was added to these factsheets after 2000, so the information on these sheets represents research from the early to late 1990's. However, since these NLVN factsheets, and the information on lupron contained within, remain very relevant to the consumer today, they are being provided here fyi.

For more information on the NLVN and Linda and Rita Abend, see 'National Lupron Victim Network's 1997 Court Witness Statement' at left.

This page is under construction.


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