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02-02-17: The FDA is "currently conducting a specific review of nervous system and psychiatric events [and "reviewing deadly seizures"] in association with the use of GnRH agonists, including Lupron, in pediatric patients." ... [and] ... A 1993 FDA Official was "troubled by the 2 studies he reviewed [for Lupron / precocious puberty, one study a "free-for-all"]" and said it was ""regrettable" that the [FDA] panel approved the drug after minimal study." (stated during the investigation by Christina Jewett / Kaiser Health News / Reveal.)

02-02-17: "Women say [Lupron rec'd as a child] to halt puberty has ruined their lives" by Christina Jewett.

01-23-17: "Drop in IQ of about 8 points" seen in small study of girls with precocious puberty treated with GnRHas, by Peter Hayes

May-June 2016: "Side effects of GnRHas [in children], including reduced IQ, have not been properly addressed ... and the rights of the girls are not recognized." by Peter Hayes (See 5 minute slide presentation at latter link)

Nov. 2001 Study - "IQ levels decreased significantly during GnRHa" treatment for early puberty in children

January 2017: Spatial memory impaired by GnRHa in peripubertal Sheep - another sheep/GnRHa study found a reduction in long-term spatial memory persisting after discontinuation of GnRHa

12-02-16: "Women in India Suffer as They Serve as Surrogates" by Julie Bindel

09-01-16: Lupron Side Effects Survey Results: Part One by Chandler Marrs, PhD

08-09-16: Nightmare on Lupron Street, by Lynne Millican, RN. For additional information, see also 'Decades-Long Universal Disregard of NIOSH Precautions in the Handling, Preparing, and Administering the "Hazardous Drug" Lupron''

March 2016: ... Harvard / Brigham & Women's Hospital ScDs published an article (in the journal 'Circulation Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes') based on 'Nurses' Health Study II' data associating endometriosis with an increased risk of coronary heart disease - however Lupron/GnRHa use was NOT factored into data/conclusions. See the article and Lynne Millican's comment, published April 26, 2016: "Article's conclusions seriously flawed without data on Lupron/GnRHa use" . The authors' reply to Millican's comment contained seriously inaccurate information on Lupron and erroneous conclusions about Lupron's use (see authors' May 11, 2016 response). Subsequently, Millican submitted a detailed, corrective comment to the journal on May 26, 2016, however the journal has apparently declined to publish these corrections (in essence, imo, censoring correct information). Therefore Millican's corrective censored comment is being published here fyi.

03-28-16: A call for Protecting the Health of women who donate their eggs by Dr. Timothy Johnson & Judy Norsigian

01-20-16: Lupron, Thyroid Disease, and the Broken Scales of Justice by Lynne Millican, RN

10-28-15: "I Donated My Eggs and I Regret It" by Alana Newman

01-20-15: What are 'The Connections' between (Brittany) Maynard, egg donations, Lupron & gliobastomas ? by Jennifer Lahl, RN

01-16-15: Chandler Marrs, PhD ( "[I]t doesn't take a genius to figure out that if we kill off one or more hormones completely, as Lupron does with estradiol, there are going to be negative effects globally, and they are likely to be pretty serious." (paper delineates adverse effects upon mitochondria from Lupron [and other GnRHa/relins, and ovary removal]). See also 1-19-15 comment by Lynne Millican, detailing disturbing information on Lupron's mechanism(s) of action.

09-24-14: A blog by Dr. David Healy explores "When is a drug guilty?" . (see also comment posted 9-26-14 by Lynne Millican). Dr. Healy's blog pertains to the following 09-18-14 article ...:

09-18-14: Lupron - Homicide of a Husband

07-24-14: North Carolina's ABC News I-Team investigates Lupron. See also information posted after the transcript of this story, in "Comments" section: ... "What Dr. Price doesn't tell his patients about Lupron ..." by Lynne Millican

05-21-14: 'From Lupron Victim to Victims' Advocate' - re: 'Lupron Victims Hub'

05-02-14: Hidden Clinical Trial Data about Lupron (for endometriosis)

04-17-14: Chicago's "The Reporter"- column by Dee Brown: "Some more Lupron horror stories" (Part 2)

04-03-14: Chicago's "The Reporter"- column by Dee Brown: "It would be smart to leave this Depot" (Part 1)

02-18-14: "Lupron: a Nightmare produced in Abbvie" (Part 1)

10-24-13: ABC News Las Vegas KTNV airs coverage of Karin Klein's case. See also here.

10-11-13: Listen to 1st Radio Interview of Karin Klein by Rose Colombo (founder, 'The Justice Club' at Freedomizer Radio Online). Klein had November 2013 deadline for Amicus support for US Supreme Court petition. Hear Karin's 2nd Radio Interview on 10-16-13.

10-25-13: Radio interview of Lynne Millican by Rose Columbo ('The Justice Club')

06-19-13: HuffPost: "Lupron ..."

09-23-11: USA v. Ulysses Currie, et al, US District Court, District of Maryland. Criminal case No. 1:10-cr-00532-RDB -- State Senator Ulysses Currie (prescribed Lupron for prostate cancer), when facing charges including bribery, extortion, and making false statements to the FBI, Senator claims lupron made him feel "fuzzy". (Brain "mass" also detected during lupron 'treatment'). ... 10-26-11: Senator Ulyssess Currie's urologist testified Lupron "has side effects that include forgetfulness and loss of reasoning ability." ... 10-26-11: Senator's defense made the claim that the Senator's "memory and mental capacity has been diminished by injections of a drug called Lupron". ... 10-25-11: Senator's urologist testified that Senator's "mental acuity does seem to have decreased some" ... "about 25 - 30% of [urologist's] patients on Lupron experience some cognitive effects. They forget things ... they get lost driving somewhere they would never be lost before." Urologist states "it was hard to get [Senator] to understand. You had to say things more than once." ... On 11-08-11 the Senator was "acquitted of all charges. Senator's attorneys paint[ed] a portrait of a man who was disorganized, sloppy ... prone to memory lapses, in part because of side effects of [lupron]."

12-23-10: Plaintiffs in lupron litigation ignored, research into lupron victims ignored - Judge awards $11.7 million surplus lupron settlement funds to Harvard prostate cancer researchers.

12-07-10: "Deprived of the Lupron [kickback] profits, some urologists' income declined by as much as one-half" (WSJ story describes profits of a new prostate cancer treatment, and lupron is barely mentioned)

11-18-10: Brief Review - 2 Florida urologists' black market diversion & Medicare fraud re: lupron

11-16-10: Judge orders dispersement of surplus lupron Class Settlement Funds - First Cy Press Payments to Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center ($4,000,000) (Note: the plaintiffs who were awarded the settlement funds are NOT being given the surplus funds)

11-14-10: Stem cells - In one niche, the risk to women is too great (lupron)

11-10-10: Long-term GnRHa's (lupron,leuprolide) for prostate cancer is associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer

10-20-10: FDA orders label change - Warnings - for lupron, GnRHa's

06-28-10: Drug used for endometriosis and prostate cancer linked with misery for patients (yet another attorney ad)

03-23-10: Chicago Trib journalists honored for autism [lupron] series

03-14-10: "... No long-term studies on women who've taken Lupron" ... "Where are the investigative journalists?"

03-06-10: 'Lawyers and" - "Lupron: Do the Risks Outweigh the Benefits?"

Women's Health Resource: Lupron Pros & Cons

Leftover millions from Lupron settlement may go to Harvard

Business Report: Harvard may get leftover millions

Abbott finds new Lupron niche with RFID

LuproLink - Lupron Depot goes RFID

Abbott 2008 Fourth Quarter Report: "Lupron Sales Decreased [at least] 2.1% internationally"

2-09-09: "Guilty Plea Likely in Hub Fertility Drug Case"

1-09: Among cancer outpatients, leuprolide med errors common

National Women's Health Network's Nov/Dec 2008 Cover Story - Lupron: What Does It Do To Women's Health?

12-08: Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption - NY Review of Books (Lupron billing fraud mentioned)

11-08: Medicare must pay for Lupron, and not least costly alternative

08-08-08 Forum: 'Selling Eggs for Research' (2 pages, with several comments about lupron)

12-12-06: UK IVF - tracking women who take lupron is "surely essential"

03-14-05: "The Dark Side of [lupron] Whistleblowing"

February 2004: Oprah magazine - "Is This Anyway To Have A Baby? by Barbara Seaman

2002 - 2003 Nicholas Regush's Lupron Series

Dr. Mercola's comment to Regush articles: "Lupron is a disaster drug ... absolutely devestates many women's lives ... this drug causes permanent neurological damage. This drug needs to be avoided at all costs."

05-22-03 - Roslindale & West Roxbury (Mass.) Transcripts: 'Local crusader wants to make sure no one forced to swollow a bitter pill' by Candi Carter

2003: FDA Fines South Carolina Red Cross $2000 for failure to defer donor due to donor taking lupron

11-09-02 - Boston Globe: "Drug sale said tied to favors at Lahey" by Shelley Murphy

OBOS '02: Concerns about Lupron

03-03-00 - BostonTAB 'Are Fertility drugs safe? ... Lupron remains controversial', by Don Seiffert

01-02-2000 - Dateline TV: "The Painful Truth"

05-24-99 - FOX News TV: "Risk or Remedy?

11-29-99 - FOX News TV: "Dangers of Lupron"

Boston Herald's (3) Lupron stories:

#1: ... 08-22-99: Medical miracle turns nightmare

#2: ... 08-23-99: "Women seek answers in drug's suspected side effects"

#3: ... 08-24-99: "Women outraged over drug's ill effects"

06-15-98 Letter to Editor, Boston Herald, re: Lupron Fraud, Conflict$ of Interest

October 1996: 'BayState Nurse', Letter to Editor: On solicitation of surrogate carriers, by Lynne Millican RN

08-04-96 Boston Globe, page 1: "What Price Pregnancy - The Painful Quest for Fertility", Part 1, by Dolores Kong

08-05-96 Boston Globe, page 1: "What Price Pregnancy" - Part 2, by Dolores Kong

08-04-96 Boston Globe: RESOLVE receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from fertility drug companies (Note: link removed - screenshot can be seen here)

04-25-95 'The Mass Media', Commentary: "Hidden truths behind surrogacy" by Lynne Millican

07-25-95 - West Roxbury (Mass). Transcript: "Two local women push for regulation on fertility clinics" by Shawn Michael Smith

08-16-95 - Letter to West Roxbury Transcript Editor: "Fertility clinics need regulation"

06-23-96 Letter to Boston Globe Editor: ‘Eggsploitation'

02-21-95 Letter to Boston Herald Editor: ‘Fertility Drugs Can Cause Harm'

08-07-94 Letter to Boston Herald Editor: ‘Silent Risks of Reproductive Technologies'





This page identifies instances in which lupron and/or its manufacturer is discussed in newspaper stories, magazine articles, TV news or shows, or in articles, blogs, and stories on the internet. The majority of these stories discuss the risks of Lupron. Instances of the censoring of Lupron information will also be included here.


TAKE NOTE of investigative journalist Sharyl Attkinsson's generalized statements:

Attkinsson said "it is more and more difficult for investigative reporters to get their stories published or on the air because of the trouble it may cause." (03-21-14)

And in her new book "Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama's Washington", Sharyl Attkinsson states: "Congress has gotten in some respects like some in the media, where according to members themselves and their staff, there is not the appetite to do the hard-nosed investigations and oversight that they used to do." (11-06-14)


See Photo of March 1999 anti-lupron rally in Boston.


ABC Las Vegas KTNV lupron Series:

10-30-09: Part 1 ... Lupron - "Overpriced Poison?"

11-09: Part 2 ... Lupron - "Overpriced Poison?"

12-02-09: Part 3 ... The case for recalling Lupron : transcript Part 3 - The case for recalling Lupron

06-22-10: Part 4 ... 'FDA Reviewing Safety of Lupron Depot'

08-01-11: Part 5 ... Trial for 'Overpriced Poison' Lupron begins in federal court

08-10-11: Part 6 ... Lupron verdict in Las Vegas trial deals blow to victims

08-12-11: Part 7 ... Lupron Trial - Plaintiff Outraged by Severe Injustice

10-24-13: Part 8 ... AMICUS Needed at US Supreme Court


Read Boston FOX 25 TV News' 1999 2-part investigation of lupron:

05-24-99: "Risk or Remedy?" Part 1 (transcript)

11-29-99: "Dangers of Lupron" Part 2 (summary)


Read Boston Herald's 3-part lupron investigative reports:

08-22-99: Medical miracle turns nightmare

08-23-99: "Women seek answers in drug's suspected side effects"

08-24-99: "Women outraged over drug's ill effects"










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