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 Additional Lupron or related links:


Petitions to US Congress and Massachusetts (MA) Health Care Committee to Investigate Lupron:

1994 Request to Senator Kennedy to investigate lupron (made by Lynne Millican)

1997 Request to MA Health Care Committee for a moratorium on and investigation into lupron (made by Lynne Millican [see last page])

1999 Request to all Senators for a Congressional Hearing to Investigate lupron (made by Lynne Millican)

2002 Request to HELP Committee to investigate lupron (made by Lynne Millican [see page 7])

2003 Request to Congress to Investigate lupron (made by Lynne Millican [see page 44])


2008: The National Women's Health Network (NWHN) "believes that the [FDA] agency should review the safety and efficacy of Lupron® for both its approved and off-label uses. ... a registry should be established to monitor the drug’s effect on women, as well as on any children exposed to Lupron® ... In order to halt this drug from causing damage to even one more woman's health, a concerted effort of women, physicians, health officials, researchers and media is needed. The decision to raise public awareness so that other women could be spared the physical, emotional and financial burdens Lupron causes would truly be in the interest of women’s health around the country. The people who are considering taking Lupron are the ones who have the right to know that they are risking a lifetime of symptoms that may cost them their jobs, spouses, savings and quality of life." (emphasis mine)

2012: 'Our Bodies Our Selves' (OBOS) prepares 'Educate Congress - Fact Sheet': "One drug commonly used to suppress ovarian function before multiple egg extraction, Lupron (leuprolide acetate), has not been approved by the FDA for this use. There are many anecdotal reports of harm to women, but without requiring long-term monitoring, there is no way to track these reports systematically. There is also important emerging data about the health of babies and children born as a result of ART [assisted reproductive technology] procedures. This data needs to be tracked better as well."

1999 FDA Review of Lupron's safety


Lupron Surveys:

1993 through 2000: National Lupron Victims Network (NLVN) had collected 10,000+ surveys from men, women, and children, and had vowed to make the survey results public. By the year 2000, the NLVN had 'disappeared', and survey results never published. (See NLVN page for further info)

1994: HERS Foundation conducted a questionnaire "dealing with the use of Lupron/leuprolide for the treatment of fibroids, endometriosis and other gyn conditions". Per Nora Coffey, the information was quantified but never published.

2013: Chandler Marrs, PhD, Lucine Biotechnology, 'Hormones Matter' ( is conducting a 'Lupron Side Effects Survey' . (April 2014 - Results pending, but still accepting surveys)


Online U.S. Lupron Petitions:

Lupron i-Petition (started by Emily Page-Steacy, 2004)

PetitionSpot (Lupron/Enantone; started by Elena Pasca, 2006, France - Enantone) ... this site appears to be unavailable at present (October 2015), but a background page is available in French here .

Petition2Congress to investigate lupron (started by Louise Griffiths, 2009)

Petition2Congress regarding label changes and to Ban lupron (started by Annika St. Germain, 2011)


Petition to European Medicines Evaluation Agency:

Enantone (Lupron) Victims ask for safety study by EMEA (made by Elena Pasca, 2010)



Lupron reviews, stories, posts, comments:

Lawyers and Settlements - see comments Lupron stories Lupron stories Lupron stories Lupron stories - lupron has "poor overall rating"

Erin Brockovich has rec'd many hundreds of enquiries about lupron, but it appears she has removed her 'Lupron Side Effects' page., which had contained hundreds of stories and photos.



Lupron Message/Groups - stories:

Yahoo Lupron Victims Group

Facebook's Lupron Victim Group


Other Related Petitions:

2011: Petition for Human Egg Extraction Health Registry & for Warnings on Ads Seeking Egg Donors

Petition: All Trials Regestered / All Results Reported


09-30-14: 'Detailing Financial Links of Doctors and Drug Makers' ... Pharmaceutical and device makers paid doctors roughly $380 million in speaking and consulting fees, with some doctors reaping over half a million dollars each, during a five-month period last year." Beginning on 9-30-14, all drug and device manufacturers whose product is covered under Medicare/Medicaid has to report any money provided to physicians or institutions (i.e., consulting fees, speaking fees, royalties, meals, travel reimbursement, etc.). Search database here. See also CMS homepage here. Currently, database contains only data for 5 months (August through December 2013).


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Other Links:

Alliance for Humane Biotechnology




Anonymous Us Project - donor conception & 3rd party reproduction issues discussed by offspring affected

Antidepressant/SSRI Nightmares

Poem: 'Who Is This Woman'

2006 ART Surveillance Report

National ART [Assisted Reproductive Technology] Success Rates

Stem Cell Research History/Timeline




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