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Millican's USA Draft Document

Information on FDA's 1999 review of lupron, as found within Boston Herald's 8-22-99 article (beginning on pg. 2 of this link)

FDA's 5-29-97 Warning Letter to TAP re: misleading claims in prostatic use

FDA's 3-9-90 letter to TAP re: misleading urology claims

FDA's '90 Notice of Adverse Findings vs. Lupron/TAP

FDA's 3-90 memo re: TAP's indocrination of MD's to lupron's off-label uses

Incomplete A-Z list of lurpon / leuprolide 'Off-Label Uses'

8-90 letter from TAP to Millican promoting off-label Lupron (b4 endo approval)

TAP's '90 Response to FDA

2001: Abbott/TAP designated as one of worst corporation

Lupron'$ 'Whi$tleblower'

Lupron: "Marketing The Spread" (scroll down)

Abbott / Takeda pay $875 million to settle Lupron Fraud Case

Medicare Reimbursement for Lupron

'98 Letter to Editor, Boston Herald, re: Lupron Fraud, Conflict$ of Interest

1992 Abbott Annual Report: Clinical studies "underway" for lupron's effectiveness in infertility (Note: Why no "safety" study, and Why hasn't lupron ever been FDA approved for infertility or IVF treatment?)

Collection of old news bits re: TAP, Abbott, lupron, etc. (i.e. Notices of Adverse Findings, FEC Warnings, Annual Report details, etc.)

Example of Using Leuprolide on Women BEFORE Use of Leuprolide in Animals (note "Conclusion")

ALADDIN Study - Leuprolide & Alzheimers Trial

Example of promoting lupron for non-approved indications: "leuprolide is prescribed to shrink the fibroids"











This page will address some of the history of lupron, TAP (Takeda Abbott Phamaceuticals), and Abbott. After a 31 year joint venture, Takeda and Abbott dissolved their partnership in 5/08, and lupron is now under Abbott's purview.

Information related to FDA's initial approval of lupron in men and women can be found in my 'USA Draft Document'.

Other documents pertain to TAP's propensity for off-label promotion of lupron, and TAP's ultimate guilty plea in Medicare billing fraud.

This page is under construction.



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