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This page contains links to news articles and documents that make *no* mention of lupron, yet this germane information provides insight into essential background which explains how the problems of lupron have come about, and provides clues as to why these problems continue unchecked.


Current NoteWorthy News:


06-20-16: A measly meal (less than $20) influences doctors' prescribing. See also JAMA's conclusion of association.

June 2016: Study of MA. physicians showed prescribing rate for statins increased by 0.1% for every $1000 rec'd from industry.

May 2016: Scientific Regress

04-18-16: Big Science is Broken

03-31-16: Public Citizen Report (p.4): financial penalties for pharmaceutical companies have declined sharply since 2013

03-31-16: Drug Makers paid fewer fines for bad behavior in recent years

November 2015: It's way too easy to hack hospitals and devices - "... The FDA seems to literally be waiting for someone to be killed before they can say, 'OK, yeah, this is something we need to worry about. ... the FDA really was a toothless dragon in this situation."

09-16-15: The clinical trials conducted for Lupron's endometriosis approval *should be* "The Most Infamous Clinical Trial"

08-17-15: New Analysis of 2001 Paxil study data shows Paxil not safe for teens

05-31-15: Government wipes recent vaccine injury data from website

09-30-14: 'Detailing Financial Links of Doctors and Drug Makers'

09-29-14: Medical Devices: "Researchers criticize FDA for lax oversight"

09-08-14: "Doctors' Magical Thinking about Conflicts of Interest"

07-30-14: Investigation finds Serious Flaws in Influencial NEJM study

06-17-14: U.S. health care care system ranks last, lags behind developed nations

"NoteWorthy News" continued below:



Does your doctor have one of these?


Beginning on 9-30-14, all drug and device manufacturers whose product is covered under Medicare/Medicaid has to report any money provided to physicians or institutions (i.e., consulting fees, speaking fees, royalties, meals, travel reimbursement, etc.). Search database here. See also CMS homepage here. Currently, database contains only data for 5 months (August through December 2013).


Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP): -

AHRP's 5-part series - America's Healthcare Crisis ... "The Whole System is Broken"


Fraudulent Conduct That Takes Lives by Jim Neal, Esq.


List of Unsafe and Withdrawn Drugs

Dollars for Docs - What Drug Companies are Paying Your Doctor (Search database for your doctor. This database currently "covers $257.8 million in payments since 2009 for speaking, consulting, and other duties" involving only the following 7 drug companies: Lilly, Cephalon, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co, and Pfizer). Docs on Pharma Payroll have blemished records, limited credentials.

11-18-10: ProPublica reviews 30 states and identifies 292 doctors with gov't actions against them. ... Drug Firms Say They'll Take Closer Look at the Docs They Pay.


Marcia Angell: The Truth About the Drug Companies, New York Review of Books, July 15, 2004 -

"Over the past two decades the pharmaceutical industry has moved very far from its original high purpose of discovering and producing useful new drugs. Now primarily a marketing machine to sell drugs of dubious benefit, this industry uses its wealth and power to co-opt every institution that might stand in its way, including the US Congress, the FDA, academic medical centers, and the medical profession itself." Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine.


The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex: A Deadly Fairy Tale, by Dr. Doug Henderson & Dr. Gary Null, Global Research - Oct. 21, 2009 - " ... Every American who is prescribed a drug by a physician has the belief that that pill has undergone rigorous trials to scrutinize its safety. And when there are known potential adverse effects, we blindly assume these are known to the attending physician. However, this is a myth perpetuated not only by drug makers, but by our own federal health agencies. A 2003 investigation published in The Independent in the UK reported that “under pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA routinely conceals information it considers commercially sensitive, leaving medical specialists unable to assess the true risks [of approved drugs]. ... The pharmaceutical industrial complex is perhaps the largest, most influential cartel in the world. This becomes evident after considering the billions of dollars and other currencies drug companies have been forced to pay for a wide variety of corruption charges. Our analysis of 724 legal settlements from a random sampling among the over one hundred thousand by pharmaceutical corporations totalling $87 billion is just a small indication about how pervasive Big Pharma’s criminality since the vast majority of settlements are concluded outside of court and remain confidential.” ...


Marcia Angell: Drug Company & Doctors: A Story of Corruption, New York Review of Books, January 15, 2009 -

"Conflicts of interest and biases exist in virtually every field of medicine, particularly those that rely heavily on drugs or devices. It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion ..."


See also: "Doctor Accused of Faking Studies"

See also: "The problem of deception in embryonic stem cell research" and "The importance of valid disclosures in the human embryonic stem cell research debate"


Connections: The Finance Committee's close ties to health and insurance industries (07-22-09)


A Bitter Pill to Swallow - Drugs for People and not just for Profit


2000: "Kill the Story, Kill the Messenger ... The Story We Weren't Allowed to Air" (re: rBGH)



NoteWorthy News Continued ....

04-11-14: Belgium intensive care doctors back involuntary euthenasia

04-08-14: Jury awards $9 Billion in damages re: Takeda's "Actos"

04-02-14: Europe votes for clinical trial transparency

03-27-14: Science: "Fraud, propaganda, and misrepresentations are now commonplace ..."

03-12-14: Top Scientific Misconduct Official Quits in Frustration with Bureaucracy

03-11-14: GMO-Science takes a blow as Studies are Retracted

02-26-14: EPA Approves Exemption for Bt Residue from genetically modified crops

02-10-14: Researcher says chemical "harmful" - its maker then pursued him

02-08-14: Scandal of Wasted Research Dollars

01-29-14: 2012 figures for global IVF market = $9.6 Billion ... predicted market by 2020 = $21.6 Billion

01-21-14: Study: In US, not all drugs are reviewed by FDA equally

01-08-14: Glaxo to stop paying doctors to promote Glaxo drugs

11-13-13: California Prisons Coerced Women into Sterilization

August 2013: 'Mayo Clinic Proceedings' Report: More than 1/2 of all medical procedures are of no benefit and many actually cause harm

04-11-13: "An Experiment Designed to Kill Babies"

03-23-13: The Moral Insignificance of Death in Organ Donation - arguing for harvest of organs before death.

03-20-13: High-dose statins 'raise risk of serious kidney problems', see also 'View the Evidence' & '10-15-12' below.

03-17-13: Aborted human kidney cells used in 'flavor-testing process' of food products

12-17-12: Operation Delirium - risky, secret, Cold War experiments

12-06-12: How Drug Company Money is Undermining Science

11-25-12: Can drug research still be trusted?

10-18-12: Danish Teen Wakes from the "Dead" Just as Doctors Prepare to Harvest Her Organs

10-18-12: Denmark documentary stirs debate on organ donation

10-15-12: Statin drugs accelerate cardiovascular disease

10-14-12: Claim of first human stem cell trial unravels

10-11-12: Flu Vaccines Are a Waste of Money

10-10-12 Shocking Dangers of Plavix Revealed in 2nd Comparison Study

10-10-12: Hyping Embryonic Stem Cells like its 2004

10-04-12: Study: Fraud growing in scietific research papers

09-25-12: French study revealed cancer risk from American GM corn

09-21-12: The Drugs don't work: a modern medical scandal

09-19-12: France orders probe after rat study links GM corn, cancer

07-14-12: FDA spied on whistle-blowing scientists

07-12-12: "Nearly 75% of retracted drug studies attributed to scientific misconduct"

07-07-12: "Drug Giant probed for not disclosing 15,000 patient death reports, 80,000 'adverse reactions'

07-05-12: [No] Justice for Injured Research Subjects

06-06-12: Prostate Cancer Drug Trial Suspended - WHY?

05-29-12: South Korea: Professor suspected of stem cell study fabrication

05-19-12: The Secret Weapon U.S. Lobbyists Use to Ruin Your Health

05-10-12: Harvard To Be Tried for Alzheimer's Research Fraud

05-09-12: Beware the creeping cracks of bias

04-28-12: Fraudulent Science: What's Retracted - What's Not

04-16-12: A Sharp Rise in Retractions Prompts Calls for Reform

03-06-12: Why is the FDA Ignoring Its Own Scientists' Warnings About Amalgam?

02-29-12: Babies are not "actual persons" and do not have a "moral right to life"

02-25-12: Obstetrical trainees: Is honesty the best policy on resumes?

02-03-12: Doctors link hair growth drug to sexual dysfunction, depression, and cancer

02-02-12: Grassley demans answers from FDA on email surveillance

01-29-12: Whistleblowers Expose FDA's Illegal Surveillance of Employees

01-29-12: FDA staffers sue agency over sruveillance of personal e-mail

01-25-12: 6 FDA employees sue FDA for surveillance of e-mails

01-16-12: US to force drug firms to report money paid to doctors

11-13-11: Cost, need questioned in $433-million smallpox drug deal

11-13-11: Brave doctor fired for exposing secret medical experiment

10-26-11: The Dark Truth about 'Statins'

10-19-11: U.S. girls just dropping dead - Gardisil

10-15-11: New Discovery Shakes the Foundation of Cancer Research

10-07-11: Perhaps the World's Most Overlooked Poison

10-05-11: This Food Knowingly Causes Cancer in Rats - Are You Eating It?

09-22-11: Kentucky lawyer in fen-phen case disbarred

09-19-11: Art Caplan Challenged with Evidence of HPV Vaccine Harm

09-19-11: DHHS to remove public data file ... Docs avoid penalties in suits against drug & device co's.

09-09-11: FDA - Captive of Corporate America (32-year scandal re: amalgam/mercury fillings)

09-05-11: One sperm donor, 150 offspring

08-11-11: Judge sentenced to 28 years in prison for bribery

08-11-11: The Truth about Psychiatric Drugs

08-09-11: The Trouble with Transhumanism

08-03-11: "Proven Unsafe But FDA-Approved: Are YOU Consuming This Man-Made Poison?" (aspartame)

07-29-11: IOM says FDA's Device Approval Process "Fatally Flawed"

07-28-11: Useless Studies, Real Harm

07-23-11: 150 Human-Animal Hybrids Secrety Grown in UK Labs - "dabbling in the grotesque"

06-29-11: Chronic Pain: IOM Report

06-24-11: Supreme Court Sides With Drug Makers In 2 Decisions

06-11-11: "The Great Cancer Hoax: The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down"

06-08-11: New FDA Regulations to Improve Safety Reporting in Clinical Trials

05-05-11: Financial Ties Bind Medical Societies to Drug & Device Makers

04-11-11: Survey: Doctors don't always take their own advice

04-08-11: The $17.1 Billion Problem - The Annual Cost of Measurable Medical Errors

04-08-11: "Government Sanctioned Elder Abuse"

04-07-11: Hospital Errors Found To Be 10 Times More Common Than Previously Suspected

04-07-11: Antidepressants Linked to Breast Cancer

03-31-11: Senator's Question FDA's Response to Tainted Wipes

03-05-11: Regulation (or Lack Thereof) of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. in the U.S. & Abroad

02-28-11: Horrific US Medical Experiments Come to Light

02-22-11: Supreme Court Rules Against Parents in Drug Vaccine Case

02-22-11: Vaccine Producers Victorious Regarless of Defect Designs

02-22-11: PhRMa R&D Costs Are Much Lower Than Claimed

02-18-11: 60 lab studies now confirm cancer link to a vaccine you probably had as a child

02-02-11: Judge predicts porn gene discovery in 50 years, & sentences accordingly. Sentence overturned.

01-28-11: Australia - Medical Students Performing Intrusive Exams on Unconscious Patients

01-27-11: WSJ Sues to Gain Acess to Medicare Database

01-20-11: Medical Establishment Buried Concerns About MMR/Autism Study, BMJ Charges

01-19-11: Grand Jury's Findings of Criminal Wrongdoing at Women's Medical Society

01-18-11: 60 Minutes Exposes the Maker of the #1 Most Fatal Drug of 2009

01-13-11: Investigator Planned to Make Vast Profit From Autism/MMR Vaccine Scare, BMJ says

01-12-11: WikiLeaks' "cables show US diplomats working directly for GM companies such as Monsanto"

01-10-11: Obama Administration Duplicity - Drug Firms Shielded from Lawsuits over Inflated Pricing

01-04-11: Twiblings created by one man and four women

12-28-10: Project Paperclip

12-25-10: "Why we still kill patients: Invisibility, Inertia, and Income"

12-24-10: Enormous Scale of Pharma Criminal Fraud Settlements

12-16-10: Public Citizen Report on 1991 -2010 Pharma Criminal Fraud Settlements - $19.8 billion in penalties.

January 2011 - Vanity Fair: "Deadly Medicine"

12-15-10: 31 FDA-Approved Drugs Linked to 387 Homicides

12-15-10: NPR: Medical schools with some progress - more needed - on Conflicts of Interest

12-15-10: Ruling Upheld Against Executives Tied to OxyContin

12-10-10: "It has been a weird project ..." (mice with 2 fathers, no mother)

12-08-10: 3 Drug Companies to pay $421 million in fraud settlement

12-08-10: Reproductive scientists create mice from 2 fathers

12-06-10: Stent report finds possible fraud

11-30-10: Director of FDA's Office of Criminal Investigations steps down (see Senator Grassley's 09-16-10 letter)

11-3-10: Entire Psychiatry textbook written by ghostwriter (ghostwriter and "authors" paid by drug company)

11-25-10: Study: Trends in Rates of Patient Harm from Medical Care - harm remains, little improvement

11-24-10: The Pharmaceutical Industry & The New Social Media

11-23-10: Feds Recover $3 Billion in Health Care Fraud & Other Settlements

11-23-10: Massachusetts Makes Drug & Medical Device Company Payments Public

11-16-10: "Alarming" OIG Study (Medicare) - 180,000 die per year due to hospital adverse events

11-15-10: OIG Study- First valid study of hospital adverse events ... 44% of errors considered "preventable"

11-12-10: FDA Criticized for Training Deals

11-09-10: Monetary settlements aren't enough - Drug executives under new scrutiny, may be prosecuted

11-08-10: Physician-Industry relationships "remain common in medicine today".

11-08-10: MD Respondents: 63.8% rec'd free drug samples, 70.8% rec'd gifts from pharmaceutical industry, 83.8% have some type of relationship with industry, 14.1% rec'd payment for services to drug companies.

11-05-10: Dr. Mercola: The truth about the risks of Gardisil

10-25-10: Who owns your genes? In many cases, not you

10-25-10: Ireland - Embryos do not have right to damages over skin colour

10-19-10: 17,000 doctors cash in drug company money, report finds

08-23-10: Judge puts temporary ban on federally funded embryonic stem cell research

08-17-10: Red Blood Cells Created from spare IVF embryos

08-10-10: Everything is a lie - 25 rules of Disinformation

07-26-10: CA Medical Board expands case against octuplet doctor

07-17-10: Columbia Brain Imaging Research Suspended

07-15-10: 'Octomom' Doc Under Fire by State Medical Board

07-13-10: Mass. Medical Gift Law Faces Possible Repeal

07-13-10: Study: Many Docs Don't Blow Whistle On Colleagues

06-09-10: Medical Board Says Doctors Cheated

06-04-10: Reports accuse WHO of exaggerating H1N1 threat, possible ties to drug makers

05-28-10: S. Korea: Court rules frozen human embryos "not life-forms" - shares in stem-cell market surge

05-21-10: NIH's new Conflict Of Interest funding rules (but new rules don't apply if money is over $250,000)

05-12-10: FDA: Doctors Must Report Misleading Drug Ads

04-28-10: 13 additional stem cell lines eligible for federal funding, NIH says

04-28-10: Seroquel Marketing Lawsuit Settled; Plea Deal Rejected for Possibly Defective Device

04-26-10: New Health Law Will Require Industry to Disclose Payments to Physicians

04-21-10: Legal Case Asks Who Is To Blame For Medical Device Failure?

04-21-10: Medical Group Signs on to Tough Ethics Rule

04-21-10: Doctor group sets new policy to curb industry sway

04-15-10: Creating a child with 3 parents

04-13-10: Corrupted Science - the Avandia Example

04-02-10: Feds found Pfizer too big to nail - shell company takes fall

03-31-10: Pfizer gives details on $35 million payments to docs, academia ... "put absolutely no trust in what drug companies voluntarily disclose to the public"

03-30-10: FDA approves risky drug for healthy people

03-24-10: Another reason to take SAT prep - Get more for your eggs.

03-24-10: Are Egg Donor Ads Offering To Pay Too Much?

03-23-10: Egg Raffles & Shadow Markets: The Fertility Industry Goes Global - and Skirts Laws

03-21-10: "When drug company profits outweigh penalties"

03-16-10: FDA Warning Letter has "details [that] are kept confidential to protect drug companies".

03-14-10: American student/grad eggs to be raffled in a bizarre London raffle to promote IVF

03-10-10: The Missing Voice of Patients in Drug-Safety Reporting (NEJM)

02-28-10: Misusing technology in an IVF clinic - high tech mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus

02-28-10: British IVF clinic offering IVF to women as old as 59

02-25-10: NEJM - "Serving Two Masters - Conflict of Interest in Academic Medicine"

02-23-10: NIH Redefines Embryonic Stem Cells

02-23-10: UK: "The Baby Millionaires - Fertility Experts become medical profession's highest earners"

02-22-10: Doctor Training Aided by Drug Industry Cash

02-20-10: Drug Co. Executives: "intimidate" physicians & "minimize, misrepresent, & downplay risk findings"

02-20-10: US Scientists warn of fraud of stem cell "banks"

02-20-10: Controversial Diabetes Drug Harms Heart, US Concludes

02-18-10: Senate Finance Committee questions FDA about safety of Avandia

02-11-10: "Is your doctor a criminal?"

02-08-10: How long does it take for the scientific literature to purge itself of fraudulent material?

02-06-10: Nurse to Stand Trial for Reporting Doctor ... 02-11-10 Whistle-blower Nurse Found Not Guilty

02-05-10: State Doesn't Reveal Doctor's Arrests

01-29-10: Government Cracks Down on Drug Marketing

01-19-10: 'Secret Bill Writing' Issue in Health Debate

01-17-10: Evidence of Harm Revisited, Part 3 - protecting drug companies - the Lilly Rider

01-12-10: Study finds financial ties between Clinical Study Leaders & Pharmaceutical Companies

01-04-10: Harvard Hospitals Limit Industry Pay to Doctors to "no more than $5,000 a day".

01-02-10: Harvard Teaching Hospitals Cap Outside Pay

12-16-09: Prolific sperm donor earns $29,000 - creates approximately 400 children

12-03-09: New stem cell lines approved for federal funding

11-12-09: 'Three parent babies' take a step closer to reality

11-09-09: 'Promoting Drugs for Unapproved Uses'

10-2009: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy transmitted by sperm donor to recipient offspring - 9 of 24 donor children affected, 1 toddler dead

10-21-09: "Patient Advocacy Groups" are really fronts for drug companies

10-07-09: Huffington Post: Gov't orders Columbia U. to tell patients "true nature" of Abbott drug (hetastarch) study

09-25-09: GAO Report: Oversight of Clinical Investigators

09-22-09: Ohio woman implanted with wrong IVF embryo

08-18-09: Woman in Tunesia pregnant with 12 babies

08-04-09: Obama gives Abbott a seat at healthcare table

08-04-09: The Light of Day Shines on the Practice of Ghostwriting Articles in Medical Journals

07-16-09: World's Oldest IVF Mom Dies of Breast Cancer - Twin Toddlers Orphaned. Breast Tumor Developed Shortly After IVF

07-21-09: Industry Donations Directed to Key Senators

07-20-09: GAO: FDA can't estimate its own budget needs

07-16-09: Lawsuits Allege Some Medical Device Companies Gave Kickbacks to Surgeons

07-03-09: Medicine's Not-So-Silent Killer: Studies Under Scrutiny

07-02-09: World Conference of Science Journalists. Slide presentation by Vera Hassner Sharav, Alliance for Human Research Protection - "Separating Science from Promotion, Evidence from Propaganda"

07-08-09: NY to pay egg donors for embryonic stem cell research (Note: NO mention of health risks to egg donor)

07-07-09: USA Today - Recession finds fertile field of egg donors (Note: NO mention of health risks to egg donor)

06-25-09: Health Industry spends $1.4 million a day on lobbyists

05-09: FDA to receive more money from drug companies - denies undue influence

05-16-09: 66 yo British woman, oldest IVF pregnancy in world

05-05-09: Should courts force doctors to confess their own negligence to patients

04-29-09: IOM calls on physicians to reject financial arrangements with drugmakers

04-25-09: Embryo Bank could be used as 'body repair' kit

04-22-09: Cloned child is coming

04-04-09: 21 Fabricated Studies - New Low in Drug Research

03-08-09: WebMD & Medscape accused of being part of an illegeal conspiracy to promote off-label use of 2 drugs (Note: I wrote to WebMD many years ago about their off-label promotion of lupron/leuprolide for infertility and other off-label indications - with no effect. WebMD continues to advertise off-label uses of lupron/leuprolide. Note that "" is *not* listed in WebMD links re: info on lupron/leuprolide.)

Detail$ on CA. Octo-Mom and Detail$ on CA. Octo-Doctor (see concerns [i.e., 1, _2] presented to MA. Governor Deval Patrick in 2006 re: costs to MA. taxpayers associated with IVF harm)

02-14-09: Another octuplet mom [with no insurance] in LA?

02-11-09: 'Birth of Octuplets Puts Focus on Fertility Industry and Risks', NY Times

02-09-09: No laws regulating #'s of embryos transferred / CA octo-doc investigated

02-04-09: Washington Post - Fertility Industry: "a virtually unregulated marketplace with tort law serving as regulation"

02-14-09: Do fertility clinics need more regulation?

02-20-09: Where in the World is Octo-Dad? - WSJ

There is a shortage of human eggs - yet there is a growing number of research applications to use human eggs

02-02-09: Animal-Human Clones Don't Work, US Company Finds

02-17-09: Fetal stem cells trigger tumors in ill boy

02-17-09: Picture emerging of genetic risks in IVF

02-08-09: Philadelphia Inquirer: Charles Grassley and the FDA

02-05-09: NEJM - "Supreme Court, Preemption, and Malpractice Liability"

02-02-09: New FDA Guidelines Easing DrugMakers' Promotion of Off-Label Promotion Met With Endorsements, Criticisms

'Just How Corrupted Has American Medicine Become', by Bruce E. Levine

Fraudulent Conduct That Takes Lives by Jim Neal, Esq.

"Despite rising concern that conflicts of interest may bias the outcome of clinical trials, the Food and Drug Administration has distressingly limited interest in rooting out the problem."

01-23-09: FDA Approves Human Embryonic Stem Cell Study

01-15-09: Institute for Safe Medication Practices - 2008 2nd Quarter Report

01-13-09: FDA Approves New Guidelines To Allow Drugmakers To Share Unapproved Drug Uses With Physicians

01-08-09: FDA managers have ordered, intimidated and coerced scientists to manipulate their research results in violation of federal law

01-08-09: FDA Scientists ask Obama to restructure FDA

03-08: CIRM to pay for women's eggs? See also here.

01-22-08: Cancer Industry fights to keep obscene profits

12-23-07: Professor Links Adverse Health Outcomes to Assisted Reproductive Technology in Massachusetts

09-26-06: Treat me? The Crucial Health Stat you've never heard of

2003: From Patient Activism to Astroturf Marketing

07-31-00: When Scientist Kidnap Embryos (UCI embryo thefts)

Series Examines Issues Related to Financial Ties Between Physicians, Pharmaceutical Industry

Integrity of Nobel Prize Called Into Question

Drug Makers Said to Pay Ghost Writers for Journals Articles

Ailing FDA may need "a major overhaul"

FDA Scientists Accuse Agency Officials of Misconduct

Disclosure of Industry Payments to Physicians (NEMJ abstract)

FDA "too cozy", "total inability to carry out mission"

FDA Scientists Allege Coercion in Medical Device Approval Process, House Panel Investigates

"PhRMA Announces Revised Voluntary Guidelines To Prohibit Gifts to Physicians"

Pharm. Industry has "taken over"

FDA strengthens policy on vetting of advisers

Pharm. Industry influence on academia

A radical restructuring of American civil justice system

Anti-Preemption Petition

Amici Curiae briefs by prominent healthcare experts and jurists

Vioxx seedling link

Health Care Providers Are NOT Required to Report Adverse Events to the FDA: Medwatch link

Medicine's Continuing Education & Conflicts

2006: Long list of Pharmaceutical Company Crimes

2005: Secrets of the FDA Revealed by Top Insider Doctor: "Simply put, FDA and Center for Drug Evaluation Research (CDER) are broken." ... "It's more interested in protecting the interests of industry."

















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